Parent Club is ‘Here for You’ to help with life’s challenges

As schools and nurseries prepare to reopen in August, many parents and carers are facing the summer period trying to keep children motivated and entertained.

Monday, 8th June 2020, 10:46 am
Updated Monday, 8th June 2020, 11:11 am

And at the same time, many of them are trying to stay calm and manage to get through their workload as well as tackling everyday tasks.

It can be challenging and stressful for everyone in the family.

Keep in touch, keep going and be kind to yourself are just some of the messages being shared with families to promote good health and wellbeing during these challenging times.

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Parent Club is there to help you deal with those unexpected situations, the frustrations of looking after children and for making sure you are looking after yourself at this difficult time.

The Scottish Government’s Parent Club’s ‘Here For You’ campaign is encouraging parents and carers to look after themselves as they juggle the additional pressures being placed on them as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents all have an internal frustration meter and some situations with kids can push that dial higher than others but there are ways that can help calm things down.

Chelsea French (21), a mum of one, has been feeling the pressure of looking after a toddler and the concerns the pandemic has brought with it.

Chelsea said: “I’ve definitely noticed some changes in Kiera since we went into lockdown.

“Just like us, it’s clear that this situation has affected her and as a result she has been getting irritated and acting out.

“Usually she is so well behaved but it’s hard for her not seeing her friends and family for so long, so we have been letting her have her moments of frustration.

“We’ve been using Parent Club to come up with new ways to keep Kiera busy and entertained but also to help remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can as parents.

“We try and go for walks together as a family to give us all a break from the house and spend some quality time together doing something more refreshing.”

Dr Punam Krishan (37) has been a doctor for over 13 years and currently works as a GP in Glasgow.

She studied at the University of Glasgow where she now teaches medical students and junior doctors in her role as a senior clinical lecturer alongside her full-time job.

Having only recently given birth, she is currently juggling life at home with newborn, Ellora, and her six-year-old son, Aarish.

Dr Krishan said: “My children are at completely different stages – one needs all my attention day and night and the other is looking for my attention because his whole life as he knew it has changed.

“It’s impacting children as much as adults and we must remember we can only do the best we can.

“Parents are under so much pressure and there is no right way to do it, but it’s great to see support hubs like Parent Club being provided to help and suggest tips for a whole range of situations.”

Parent Club is a digital information resource, support hub and online community offering practical advice and support for parents and carers across Scotland.

From mental health advice, tips for play and learning at home, keeping active and eating well to talking to your kids about coronavirus, advice comes from the trusted voices of other parents and is backed by experts and the Scottish Government.

To find out more and get help to make the day a little easier, visit the Parent Club website and follow @ParentClubScotland on Facebook and @parentclubscot on Twitter.

Parents can also find tips from other families across Scotland by searching #ParentClubTips on social media.