Scunthorpe Scorpions 62-34 Berwick Bandits

Following Saturday’s close encounter between these two teams at Shielfielf on Saturday, this was a more one-sided affair when they met in the return on Tuesday.

The Scorpions got off to the better start, leading 18-6 after four races, and Bandits had to wait until heat five before Claus Vissing won their first race.

At 21-9 down, Matej Kus was used as a tactical ride in six and his six-point victory saw the deficit cut to 24-15. But Ryan Douglas, Josh Auty and Ashley Birks were always in the points for the home side, and despite a win for Kevin Doolan in heat seven, and a 1-8 in 11 when Vissing was on double points, the visitors still found themselves trailing 43-29.

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With Matty Wethers, Alex Edberg and Steen Jensen adding just two points between them, Scunthorpe hammered home their advantage over the closing heats to leave Bandits feeling deflated.

Team boss John Anderson said afterwards that with the play-offs coming up he hoped it was ‘the last of their poor meetings.’

Scunthorpe: Douglas 12+2, Auty 12+2, Birks 10+3, Jorgensen 9, Klindt 8+3, Howe 8, Compton 3+1.

Berwick: Vissing 11+1, Kus 9, Doolan 7, Bellego 5+1, Wethers 1, Edberg 1, Jensen 0.