You can now buy beer made from crumpets - would you try it?

Warburtons has teamed up with beer company, Toast Ale, to create the UK's first ever beer brewed with leftover crumpets.

Bringing fresh meaning to ‘responsible drinking’, each bottle is made using crumpets that would otherwise have gone to waste, and has an alcohol content of 4.2 per cent.

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How is the beer made?

To make the light IPA, Toast Ale replaces some of the malted barley in the beer with crumpets, extracting starches and sugars and breaking them down into fermentable sugars - meaning the crumpet does more than just flavour the beer.

The launch comes as Warburtons looks for innovative ways to give its leftover food waste a second life.

This collaboration has been done for a limited time only but, if customer demand is there, it will be rolled out on a larger scale.

Darren Littler, Head of Product Innovation at Warburtons, says, “We’re thrilled to announce an innovative way of utilising our ‘wonky’ products whilst celebrating the nation’s love of crumpets in a whole new way.

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James King, Marketing and Brand Manager at Toast Ale comments, “Our mission remains to brew beer that is planet-saving and palate-pleasing, and we couldn’t be more excited to venture into the world of crumpets."

Where can I buy it?

Shoppers can purchase Warburtons X Toast Ale Crumpet Beer on the Toast Ale website. It is priced at £28 for 12 300ml bottles, available while stocks last.

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