Young farmers create incredi-bale art

Teviotdale JAC's bale art at Bonjedward.Teviotdale JAC's bale art at Bonjedward.
Teviotdale JAC's bale art at Bonjedward.
Masterpieces made of straw popped up across the Borders as the annual Scottish Association of Young Farmers' national bale art competition returned for a second year this week.

Bill and Ben The Flowerpot Men, teddy bears, clowns and steam engines were among the entries in last year’s challenge that celebrates the Scotch lamb brand and raises money for the STV Children’s Appeal.

And this year’s efforts are looking no-less impressive.

Teviotdale club’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse is on display at Bonjedward Mill Farm, Jedburgh. Ettrick and Lauderdale club’s debut effort shows Donald Trump and his wall at New Blainslie, near Earlston.

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Ednam JAC's bale art.Ednam JAC's bale art.
Ednam JAC's bale art.

And the Ednam club’s cow, just as impressive as last year’s hungry caterpillar creation, graces a field at Upper Nisbet Farm, Ednam.

The competition, sponsored by Quality Meat Scotland, will see its finalists judged by TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, who is a trustee of the STV Children’s Appeal.

Reston club has also constructed the Chuckle Brothers at Bowshiel Farm, in Berwickshire.

Together the four clubs form the Border Federation of Young Farmers and each of their entries will be judged on originality and difficulty to create.

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Ettrick & Lauderdale JAC's bale art.Ettrick & Lauderdale JAC's bale art.
Ettrick & Lauderdale JAC's bale art.

Fans of the art are encouraged to show their appreciation by donating through a JustGiving page,

Nine members of Teviotdale club spent over two hours creating their Disney-inspired entry.

Its secretary Gemma Dodds said: “We had great fun taking part and hope to enter the competition again next year.

“Our club covers Jedburgh Hawick and down to Langholm and all the surrounding areas. We have 30 active members aged 14-28 and regularly meet up along with the other clubs in our district.

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Reston JAC's bale art.Reston JAC's bale art.
Reston JAC's bale art.

“We get involved in many different events from sports to agriculture related events such as stock judging. We’re even in practises to perform a pantomime in January.”

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