Water out of bounds due to Eyemouth sewage leak

Families hoping to make the most of the summer weather this weekend have been warned to keep out of the sea at Eyemouth due to a sewage leak from a pipe.

People were warned not to enter the sea at Eyemouth following a sewage leak.
People were warned not to enter the sea at Eyemouth following a sewage leak.

The leak came from a joint failure during planned works at the town’s Toll Bridge on Tuesday, July 12, which led to sewage spilling out onto the road, with some entering the nearby Eye Water, which leads into the sea.

Scottish Water has apologised for the incident, and theb Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) stepped in to stop people paddling or bathing in the vicinity of the leak.

Sepa changed signage in Eyemouth to advise against bathing or paddling in the water and added it would continue until there was no risk from the spill.

Borders MSP Rachael Hamilton has called for Scottish Water and the Scottish Government to take responsibility

She said there had been a 40% rise in recorded sewage spills, according to the latest figures.

Ms Hamilton has previously raised issues surrounding river pollution and sewage leaks in the Scottish Parliament, holding a debate on the matter last August.

Rachael Hamilton MSP said: “The upward trend of water pollution as a result of faults like those we saw in Eyemouth on Tuesday must be urgently addressed by the Scottish Government.

“Those responsible need to be held to account for their actions.

"We rightly expect more from the SNP and Green Party coalition government in this regard.

"They seem unwilling to take responsibility.

“It is unacceptable that no action is seen to be taken against those responsible for harming our environment in this way.

"People in Eyemouth deserve to know that these incidences are not repeated, and lessons are learned.

“The SNP and Green Party should be focused on these important issues.

"But as ever, their priorities lie in tearing apart the union, to the detriment of people like those affected by sewage leaks in Eyemouth.”

The beach is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.