NOSTALGIA: Roy’s 1994 Calcutta Cup flutter

Roy Laidlaw in 1994.Roy Laidlaw in 1994.
Roy Laidlaw in 1994.
The odds were stacked against Scotland in the Calcutta Cup match with the Auld Enemy at Murrayfield this week in 1994.

But former Scotland scrum-half Roy Laidlaw was hoping for an upset. He would be first in the queue at Ladbrokes in Galashiels if the Scots could overcome the Five Nations favourites by six to 10 points. The Channel Street bookies offered Roy a free £25 bet, with the winnings going to the charity of his choice – Weens Home at Bonchester Bridge. The old folks’ home would be £535 better off if Scotland achieved the win. The ex-Jed-Forest half-back is pictured preparing to cash in with his £25 charity bet, courtesy of Ladbrokes cashiers Lynsay Thomson, left, and Lynne Devlin.