Gallery: 10 pets which look like part of their home

As a nation of pet lovers, it’s not uncommon to come across pets who look just like their owners, but what about their homes?

By Gordon Holmes
Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 2:27 pm

Sofa and carpet specialist ScS searched the country for the nation’s most camouflaged pets via a photo competition, and can reveal the ten best pictures of furry friends disappearing into the furniture.

Maddie, the nine-month-old cockapoo was crowned the competition winner after seamlessly blending in with the living room rug.
Many chilled out pets blended in with rugs, like this crushed velvet look by Noodle.
Also known as the albino Tasmanian devil!
Some pets can also blend into the sofa, like Barley the Italian Spinone who could be mistaken for a fluffy cushion!
Waffles, the rescued stray cat now lives a classy life by the piano.
Monty, a rescued stray who was found with a broken paw, is now king of the couch.
Two-year-old Peach, the Poodle cross Bichon Frise, loves her rug.
Smudge, blending into his favourite throw!
Elsa the Golden Retriever likes to make the carpet hers by depositing her matching hair onto it.
Sadies a Cockapoo whose hair colour has changed throughout the years.