Saxophonist and singer Laura Misch reaching for the sky

Laura Misch (Pic: Ella Pavlides)Laura Misch (Pic: Ella Pavlides)
Laura Misch (Pic: Ella Pavlides)
The sky’s the limit for saxophonist and singer Laura Misch as she gets ready for a tour including her first Scottish date.

That’s at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on Monday, December 4, and she’s also playing not too far south of the border at Gateshead’s Glasshouse International Centre for Music two days later.

They’re part of an eight-date tour, also including a show in her home city of London, to promote her dbut album, Sample the Sky, a UK jazz and blues chart No 7 hit last month released by One Little Independent Records.

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Tickets for her Glasgow show cost £14.30. For details, go to

Explaining her choice of album title, Misch said: “Sample the Sky is an album that can be distilled as the feeling you have when you see the sky and you are in such awe that you feel compelled to photograph it and send it to someone, moments that feel so intimate and personal yet universal, unownable and ephemeral.

“I’ve always found parallels between biomedicine and music – a microphone is a microscope of sound and a studio is a laboratory of distillation.

“Producing feels like you’re discovering. It feels akin to uncovering in science.

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“Sample the Sky felt like a meeting between these two worlds. To study a sample is to gather and look deeply, whilst the sky symbolises our interconnectedness to nature.

“When you live in a city, you can be so disconnected from the kind of nature that doesn’t just grow in the cracks.

“The sky becomes your main reference, one I’m always looking up to because that’s the biggest canvas or connection to truly expansive wilderness we have.

"Humans don’t always have the answers, and people, especially those in power, often need to re-learn to listen. There’s so much we can learn if we listen to nature.”