Everything Everything to kick off new tour in Glasgow

Alternative rock act Everything Everything’s seventh album is out now and they’re returning to Scotland to promote it later this month.
Everything Everything are playing in Glasgow later this monthEverything Everything are playing in Glasgow later this month
Everything Everything are playing in Glasgow later this month

Titled Mountainhead, it was released last Friday, March 1, so it’s set to chart later on today.

Five of its six predecessors have been top-ten hits, the most recent, 2022’s Raw Data Feel, peaking at No 4.

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The quartet, formed in Manchester in 2007, have got an eight-date tour lined up to plug their new LP, starting in Glasgow, at SWG3 Galvanizers, on Tuesday, March 26.

That show, their only date this side of the border, marks a rapid return to Scotland for the band as they were at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s Assai record shops for promotional appearances on Wednesday.

Explaining the inspiration for their new album, frontman Jonathan Higgs said: “In another world, society has built an immense mountain.

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“To make the mountain bigger, they must make the hole they live in deeper and deeper.

“All of society is built around the creation of the mountain, and a mountain religion dominates all thought.

“At the top of the mountain is rumoured to be a huge mirror that reflects endlessly recurring images of the self, and at the bottom of the pit is a giant golden snake that is the primal fear of all believers.

“A Mountainhead is one who believes the mountain must grow no matter the cost and no matter how terrible it is to dwell in the great pit. The taller the mountain, the deeper the hole.”