Vissing and Stichauer ruled out with injuries

Berwick Bandits SpeedwayBerwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick paid the price for success in cup and league last week with two riders ruled out through injury.

Bandits achieved an aggregate KO Cup victory over Ipswich, despite losing the away leg on Thursday, and on Saturday they beat Redcar at home in the league.

But Hynek Stichauer broke his ankle at Foxhall Heath, whilst Claus Vissing has suspected knee liogament damage after a fall at Shielfield.

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At first there were fears he may also have broken his leg or ankle, but this has not been confirmed as doctors are waiting until the swelling goes down before they are able to x-ray him.

Club co-promoter Dennis McCleary said the injuries were now causing the club a major headache as they tried to find replacements for subsequent meetings.



Berwick made it three home Premier League wins in a row, but this one was earned at a cost with Claus Vissing being hospitalised with a leg injury following a heat seven fall.

Vissing crashed when chasing Adam Roynon on the last bend and he was taken from the track by ambulance after being treated by paramedics.

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The Bandits, who had lost Hynek Stichauer with a broken ankle at Ipswich 48 hours earlier, were suddenly down to only five men, but they managed to hang in for the victory.

Early on there was an indication this meeting was going to run anything but smoothly,with a string of retirements, mechanical problems and falls.

Berwick, with four heat advantages, managed to set up a ten point advantage at 23-13 after six, but the wind was taken out of their sail by Vissing’s fall and ultimate withdrawal from the meeting.

Redcar managed to take a 1-5 from the race and at 24-18 they were back in contention.

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With Stuart Robson winning two races in a row in eight and nine, the Bears continued to hang on in there, but a Bandits’ 5-1 from Alex Edberg and Ben Barker in ten saw the ten-point margin regained.

Richard Hall, who had been in his sick bed all week, had a busy night with seven rides, and he took two second places in 11 and 12, the second of which produced another home 5-1 with Kevin Doolan, and at 42-30 Berwick were on the verge of victory.

Robson won again in 12, with Thomas Jorgensen winning his second race of the night for Bandits in 14 by which time the league points were guaranteed.

But there was still time for Barker to produce the pass of the night in 15, when, after missing the gate, he picked up drive and speed up the back straight to hit the front, and even more remarkably, managed to hang on into the turn.

Berwick: Hall 12+2, Barker 12+1, Doolan 11+2, Jorgensen 7+1, Edberg 7+1, Vissing 3.

Redcar: Robson 14+1, Roynon 9+1, Bjerre 7, Graversen 5+1, Morley 3, Konopka 0.

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