Berwick Bandits 57-35 Glasgow Tigers

Berwick raced to a much bigger victory than expected over the highly-rated Glasgow at a sunny Shielfield on Saturday.

By Keith Hamblin
Monday, 29th June 2015, 4:36 pm
Berwick Bandits Speedway
Berwick Bandits Speedway

Thomas Jorgensen, Kevin Doolan and guest Ryan Fisher (in for the injured Ben Barker), all led the charge for the Bandits, but perhaps the biggest difference between the sides was at reserve where the home side were paid for a massive 22 points, compared to the visitors’ three.

That was despite the absence of Richard Hall for Berwick, who was on World long-track duty with England, ad the continued absence of the injured Claus Vissing, for who rider replacement operated.

Local teenager Liam Carr was drafted in as Hall’s replacement and he contributed a very worthy seven paid ten, going unbeaten in his first two races, whilst Alex Edberg weighed in with ten paid 12.

Glasgow’ without Dimitri Berg and James Sarjeant, were forced to give their reserve pairing 13 rides between them, but they failed to beat a single home rider and that was too big a handicap to overcome.

Berwick dominated proceedings throughout and took the meeting by the scruff of the neck with three 5-1s in the opening four heats, which put them 18-6 in front.

Nick Morris, who won heat one, was used as a double pointed tactical ride in five, but he was beaten by the fast-trapping Jorgensen, who was paid for four wins on the night.

Richard Lawson did his best to keep the Tigers in contention and after a third place in his outing he went unbeaten thereafter, racing to four successive victories.

But that did not prevent Berwick from extending their lead with another three 5-1s in heats nine, 11 and 14’ whilst they also took a 4-2 from 13, when Doolan passed Morris.

The Tigers, meanwhile, only achieved two heat advantages, a 2-4 in ten and a 1-5 in 15, but in truth it was too little too late.

Other highlights included Carr holding off Aaron Summers in four and a fine pass by Coty Garcia over Ellis Perks in eight, whilst Morris was forced to pick himself up after a nasty first bend tumble in 11.

After the meeting, a delighted team manager John Anderson said: “I don’t know any one who would have bet money on us scoring anything like that against what is a very good side and we know Glasgow are generally better than they were tonight, but credit to out lads who rode out a hard race to get exactly what was deserved.

“Having said that our visitors were sadly very weak at reserve with their guests and with their pair scoring three opposed to our paid 22 instantly highlights a major difference tonight.”

Berwick: Jorgensen 14+1, Doolan 13+1, Edberg 10+2, Fisher 10+1, Carr 7+3, Garcia 3+2, Vissing - rider rep.

Glasgow: Lawson 13, Morris 11+1, Howe 4, Summers 4, Williamson 3, Perks 0, Sarjeant - rider rep.