Speedway: Tweedmouth's Liam Carr gears up for Bandits debut

Liam CarrLiam Carr
Liam Carr
Tweedmouth teenager Liam Carr (although not for much longer, he turns 20 next month) is ready, willing and able for a flying start to his Premier League career as a Berwick Bandit.

Liam began racing as a schoolboy, and following two seasons at National League (third division) level is now to be a full member of the Shielfield squad.

“I’ve invested heavily in my equipment, and have a brand new engine getting built for me by Sean Wilson down at Sheffield,” he told us.

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“It isn’t cheap, with all the good bits in it, I’ll be paying out more than £4,000 to put this motor in my bike. I hope people realise how committed I am about getting going this term.

“I hope the engine will be just the thing for Shielfield Park, Sean held our track record here for quite a few years, so he should know what to do to make a bike quick here, and I’m hoping I can keep my head above water financially as it starts to pay for itself.

“I’m sorting out a small personal sponsorship scheme, to allow individual fans to back their local lad,” he explained. “This should be up on Facebook next week, fans can join my backing team for as little at £35, with the top package just £60.”

Team manager Scott Courtney rates Liam as one of the strongest No 7’s in the league, and sees this coming year as a great opportunity for him to establish himself as a PL performer.

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“There is a wealth of experience within our side, and I want Liam to soak it all up from these older guys and enjoy himself.

“If he can improve on his starting average, and I think he will, his job will be done, although I suspect his own burning ambitions will push him into exceeding my expectations.”