Selkirk aiming to recapture winning touch in north east

Selkirk RFC hope if their match in Aberdeen goes ahead tomorrow (Saturday), they can at least aim to banish the frustration of their last outing against Jed-Forest.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 14th December 2017, 2:25 pm
Lineout action from Selkirk's most recent match, at home to Jed-Forest (picture by Grant Kinghorn)
Lineout action from Selkirk's most recent match, at home to Jed-Forest (picture by Grant Kinghorn)

With a round trip of around 340 miles in front of them, the Souters have been paying close attention this week to the weather forecasts and bus company travel arrangements, as well as being in regular contact with Aberdeen Grammar.

Not surprisingly, the December weather could be a key factor, having wiped out many of last weekend’s fixtures.

Selkirk’s home game with Musselburgh was an early casualty of the freeze – and another park in the area which might have been able to accommodate the match was reportedly damaged after a car had been driven around the surface.

With no other playing facilities available, or in good enough condition, the squad settled down to an afternoon feed while watching a Newcastle v Toulouse game on BT Sport.

The game with Musselburgh has been rescheduled for February 10.

Manager Tom Ramage said Selkirk had been playing some good rugby and the call-off had denied them the chance of possibly another win and a confidence boost after the previous outing.

“That Jed game was there for the taking,” he said, recalling how Selkirk had much of the possession and were only a couple of points behind the Riverside team, but Jed pulled clear with a late converted try to win 24-15.

Assuming tomorrow’s game goes ahead, Ramage said: “It would be nice to get another win under our belts so I will be targeting this game but we know it will be tough, because Aberdeen have jumped up behind us in fourth place.”

Last week’s call-off allowed them channel more time into the preparations.

“The more time you prepare for a game, the easier the game will be, or the more your are ready for it,” said Ramage. “But nothing beats a competitive match on a Saturday.”