Ettrick Forest archers produce some accurate scoring

The Ettrick Forest Archers (EFA) Open Target Meeting (Western Round) took place on Saturday in dead calm conditions.

By Ralph Mellon
Thursday, 8th July 2021, 7:11 pm
Lara Fairbairn
Lara Fairbairn

The air, however, was very hot and humid, reported chairman Doug Anderson, and it took some archers a while to adjust their sight marks because of the heavy atmosphere.

A leisurely morning session was completed in dry conditions but not so the afternoon, which saw several showers and a slightly quicker second round.

In the gents competition, the EFA Arrow was won by Doug Anderson with a score of 75 hits for 323 score 7 golds – just keeping Nick Murrell at bay, who was rapidly clawing back Doug's lead in the 60 with a very good 50-yard round.

Highest score went to Terry Dakin with 63-297-7 and the most golds award went to Donald Melvin with 67-277-6.

In the ladies category, Elaine Pearson won the Arrow for most hits with 64 hits 262 score 2 golds, while Barbara Campbell took the highest score with 41-187-4.

With there being no other woman archer and no junior competition, junior lady Lara Fairbairn was entitled to the most golds with 21 hits 89 score 3 golds.

This score was also Lara's personal best for a Western, so entitled her to a junior medal as well as the trophy. Pending ratification with BLBS, this may also be a new junior woman’s record score for the Western.

Day two of the open weekend on Sunday, the Open Clout, saw some familiar faces back on the clout lines at Philiphaugh and it was great to have an air of normality back at a shoot, although distancing and sanitising procedures were in place.

Archers from Cumbria, Highland and the west coast joined their friends from EFA on an unexpected dry and warm morning, but with the forecast of heavy, thundery showers hanging over them.

By the completion of events, most archers were rather damp, but through perspiration in the oppressive heat, rather than rainfall, as the shoot was concluded in the dry.

Some friendly banter took place among the archers – none more so than when Kyle scored a five for a best end but, unfortunately, on the wrong clout.

In the ladies competition, Barbara Campbell took the plaudits and the trophy with 58 hits 164 score 4 clouts – a rather pleasing result, having not shot for nearly two years.

The morning session was won by Elaine Pearson with 26-74-0 and the afternoon session winner was Elaine Smith with 15-48-0. The shoot-off by ends was won by Barbara with a clout.

In the gents event, the trophy was won by Adair Anderson with 42 hits 92 score 1 clout. Jason Fairbairn took the morning session with 20-46-0 and and Bosco Hazard the afternoon session with 18-35-1. Adair won the gents

shoot of by ends by a foot.

With only one junior taking part, Lara Fairbairn needed to better her score from her previous EFA opens, which she did with a 23-57-2. Octogenarian archer Trevor Austin put in a good score on the 120 yards of 22-6-2.