Contest to promote disability darts

The Scottish darts squadThe Scottish darts squad
The Scottish darts squad
A winning Borders international darts duo is hoping to spark a surge of interest in the game for players who have disabilities.

Plans are in the pipeline, once the COVID-19 crisis has abated, to hold a disabled darts event in the region.

And the two players, Grant Murray and Kyle Clark, hope it will point the way towards greater support and attract new players to the game.

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Grant (34), of Earlston, and Kyle (40), of Galashiels, both from the Red Lion pub darts squad, in Earlston, travelled to Morecambe recently for the first ever Disability Home Internationals.

The event was in two parts – Classic, for players with physical disabilities, and Compris, for those with disabilities which are not always noticeable.

Grant threw a winning double four for Scotland in the Classic ‘A’ team game against England, while Kyle won four of his five Compris ‘A’ matches and his team won three from five.

With singles, pairs and ladies’ matches also on the bill, Scotland were eventually declared the overall winners and took home the ‘Tiger’ Tony Pass Cup.

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“Sadly, our darts season has had to come to a premature end with the corona virus pandemic ever widening,” said Grant.

“But, as soon as we get the all-clear, we will be holding a Disability Darts event in the Scottish Borders, within the Jedburgh Legion.

“If anyone has any interest in helping out with the organising/funding, or even competing and being part of our disability darts family, we would welcome you with open arms to come on board.

“Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or Kyle with any questions and we’re also onFacebook as a group, so come and get involved.

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“If you have a passion for darts, or simply want to be part of the atmosphere, it’s a fantastic group of people to be part of, and social inclusion is a massive foundation of our team’s success.

“I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made, simply having the courage to just give it a go.

“As a darting family and nation, we are so proud of what we have all achieved in such a small space of time and it’s partly why we’ve now been announced as holders for the World Cup in 2021.”

Kyle added: “Personally, I am over the moon to have had the opportunity to represent my country and county in what was the very first Home Nations Cup, and to go and win it first time for the Scotland squad is something I will treasure forever. I look forward to representing my country in the future.

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“If anyone would like to sign and register for disability darts, based in the Borders, they can contact myself or Grant Murray by email.

“They must be registered as having a disability by a doctor or in receipt of PIP or DLA.

“We are a growing family in DisabiltyDarts Scotland and welcome you to join us on this journey.”