Borders hockey team takes positives from long-awaited return to action

The Fjordhus Reivers 1s who competed at InverleithThe Fjordhus Reivers 1s who competed at Inverleith
The Fjordhus Reivers 1s who competed at Inverleith
Inverleith 1s 5, Fjordhus Reivers 1s 2

Fjordhus Reivers’ first fixture for its first-team players in a year and a half took them to the Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh on Saturday to take on Inverleith 1s.

The Borderers started well, showing good shape and piling the pressure on the Inverleith defence, with good use of early ball and some great linking play.

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A breakaway run after 12 minutes saw Inverleith awarded their first penalty corner, which was well saved by Helen Montgomery.

Reivers fought back but, in a moment of deja vu, the same Inverleith player broke away and, this time, she scored.

Quarter time saw a Reivers reset and change of tactic but, before the ladies settled, Inverleith scored from another penalty corner, then another, taking the score to 3-0 in the hosts’ favour.

Three minutes from half time, a much-needed penalty corner was, at last, awarded to the Reivers. Chole Richardson’s initial strike rebounded and was eventually popped in by Jess Main, so the score was 3-1 at half time.

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The second half began at pace but lack of communication allowed Inverleith a soft goal early on.

Not to be outdone, Reivers fought back with a Chloe Richardson run, which saw her out-skill four players en route to the D. Reivers’ second goal was netted by Nairne Wells, who was well placed on the left post.

With both teams tiring in the final quarter, Reivers were reminded to go back to basics and play simple hockey.

A controversial green card took Reivers down to 10 players and, in the confusion, Inverleith capitalised, scoring their fifth goal as the final whistle blew.

However, the scoreline did not reflect the standard of play displayed by this newly-formed Reivers team – there was a great deal of potential and much to be excited about going forward.