Borders driver Lauren gears up for a go at Scottish Championship

When she reached the age of 16, Borders motor sports devotee Lauren Ford had reached the retirement age of the Ministox formula and decided she would move to the Prostock Basic formula for the remainder of the season.

Basically, it is a car with the glass removed, a metal plate fitted across the driver’s door, and an ‘H’ frame inside the car which acts as a roll cage.

There are no alterations allowed to the car’s set-up; they use standard tyres and must start using the key.

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It is also a non-contact formula, which minimises the damage received while on the track and makes it an ideal starting class.

Lauren, of Earlston, was a revelation on her debut, taking this formula by storm.

She said: “I started my first race from the front of the grid and was using the car that my brother Dougie had raced.

“I did something that I struggled to do in the Minis – I won first time out.

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“Not only that, I came home in second place in the second heat and then went on to win the final. I was absolutely delighted!

“My two wins meant I had to start my next meeting from a higher grade.”

“I only managed two meetings before the season ended and I was hoping to have another couple of wins.

“I started off well and got myself into the lead and went on to win. On the slow down lap, I crashed with another car. The car suffered quite a bit of damage and that was my meeting over. Dad was not too pleased!”

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Lauren added: “I suppose I am one of the lucky ones, in that have been able to race twice this year.

“At the holiday meeting in January, I was back out with the same car and, after winning both of the heats, I again had to move back a grade. I was going well until I got held up trying to pass a group of cars and ended up in fifth place.

“The Prostock Basic was one of the formulas on the programme at the first meeting of the season. The car had been checked over to make sure everything was tight and given a service.

“I was racing in memory of Sandy Strath, a former driver, and managed to win both of my heats. But, in the final, I ended up in fourth place.”

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“At this stage, I intend to do a season in the Prostock Basic – if there is any more racing this year – and I would like to win the Scottish Championship – something Dougie couldn’t do!

“I think, next year, I may well decide to race either a Stock Rod or a Formula II. I am not sure yet but will make a decision later in the season.”

Lauren reflected: “I suppose it was a certainty that I would race stock cars.

“My dad did and so too did my brothers, so when I was old enough, I managed to get a Micro F2. That is for children between seven and 11. I enjoyed it and won a few races.

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“I then moved into the Ministox, which you can race between the ages of 11 and 16. I never managed to win but I went through plenty of bumpers and was in a few crashes. It was good fun and it kept dad busy from time to time.”

“I am working with St Boswell Mowers and am pretty busy at present. I enjoy working on the mowers but really missing the racing.

“Over the time I have been racing, I’d like to thank my brothers Paul and Dougie for their help and encouragement.”

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