More women urged to give rugby a try

Rachael Hamilton, the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP, is championing a drive to see more women and girls play rugby.

Rachael Hamilton MSP, centre, with Sarah Quick, left, and Gemma Fay, right.
Rachael Hamilton MSP, centre, with Sarah Quick, left, and Gemma Fay, right.

And, in a question to the Minister for Public Health and Sport, Aileen Campbell, she asked if the Minister welcomed efforts to see more women play the game the Borders is famous for, and if she agreed support for schools and clubs at grass-roots level was essential.

Not only did the Minister welcome the local MSP’s ambition, but also recognised the rich rugby history in the Scottish Borders.

Earlier in the day, Ms Hamilton met with Gemma Fay, head of women and girls’ rugby, and Sarah Quick, women’s rugby manager, to discuss the work Scottish Rugby does to attract women to play the game.

Scottish Rugby is working with clubs and volunteers throughout the country and has created a strategy for women’s and girls’ rugby to grow. Scottish Rugby has also made a new position specifically for women’s and girls’ development in the Borders to help address the whole culture change required to attract more women and girls to the game.

Ms Hamilton said: “As a former netball coach and umpire, I understand the importance of establishing a good volunteer network to deliver the aims of Scottish women’s rugby.

“The Scottish Borders is synonymous with rugby and it would be great to see more women and girls take up the sport.

“Team sports are a fun way to engage in physical activity, keeping fit and making friends is great for wellbeing, especially for young and not so young.”