Melrose Sevens’ Fancy Dress

The Melrose Sevens tournament kicks off next month, with specatators getting into the spirit of the event by donning fancy dress.

Take a look at some of the more memorable entrants from recent years.

It wasn't too difficult to find this crowd of Wallys
Wild animals caught in their natural habitat.
Bananas. In a bunch.
Gentlemen prefer (being) blondes
My name is Maximus Decimus McMeridius
No fancy dress contest is complete without an Elvis or two...
Many a Minion but no sign of Gru.
Miss World contestants
Not quite the time of year, but Santa made an appearance with his Elves.
Costumes come in all sheeps and sizes
An Animal House style Toga party
Little Bo Peep has found her sheep
No idea what's going on here but they look happy enough...