Footgolfers on course to put heart and sole into contest at Duns

The novelty sport of footgolf is making a return to Berwickshire this weekend.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st July 2021, 11:48 am
Why not head along to Duns on Sunday and enjoy some impressive feets of sporting skill?
Why not head along to Duns on Sunday and enjoy some impressive feets of sporting skill?

On Sunday, Duns Golf Club will again be hosting the South of Scotland FootGolf Championships.

Footgolf is a fast-growing sport all over the world and is played from a teeing area, just like regular golf, using a size-five football played into a 21-inch hole.

Various lengths of hole, again just like golf, are in place to give the hole and course par.

Such holes range from approximately 55 yards to 225 yards, depending on the par applied.

Just like golf, footgolf has tree hazards, doglegs, water hazards and penalty areas.

The object is to hole out the football in the least number of kicks possible. Again like golf, scores can range from bogeys to eagles or better.

Footgolf can be played by individuals from primary school age to senior citizen age.

It is played using sport shoes – not football boots – and generally follows the rules of golf.

The game can be played by individuals or on a team basis.

For more competitive individuals, players and teams can play in leagues and open competitions, challenging each others’ skills and proficiency at the sport.

The average course length is approximately 2,300 yards for 18 holes and will take about two and a half hours to complete.

For those who crave a challenge outwith their own locality, various competitions are played throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK on a weekly basis. Like golf, it is played in all weather conditions.

One advantage of playing footgolf is that it’s an inexpensive sport equipment-wise.

The only equipment involved is relatively cheap, with a size-five football being as cheap as £5 and appropriate footwear costing around £40.

Duns Golf Club will be hosting competitors from all over the UK participating in the championships this weekend and spectators can go along to watch.

Clubhouse facilities will be available to non-members on the day.

The Berwickshire course has previously staged the championships, which last September became the first FootGolf Association of Scotland event ever to be held in the Borders.