Netherdale newcomers win seven-goal friendly against Hotspur

Netherdale Thistle 4, Gala Hotspur 3

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 5:43 pm
Gala Hotspur's Robbie Johnston, in blue, takes on Kerr Dalglish of Netherdale Thistle (picture by Bill McBurnie)

Borders Amateur FA new boys Netherdale Thistle celebrated a “massive achievement” in coming out on top in Saturday’s friendly football encounter with a very stubborn Gala Hotspur team.

Boss Steven Shields was proud of everyone who took part, having eight players missing from the squad.

Those on the field on the field battled the whole 90 minutes to get what the team reckoned they deserved.

Gala tweeted: “Calling it a bad day at the office is probably an understatement. A lot to work on before the league opener this weekend.”

Netherdale opened the scoring in the first half with a goal from Kieran Crawford but the Hotspur came back with a very clever goal by Callum Mcneill.

Gala Hotspur were not giving Netherdale an easy time, with an end to end game and some good passages of play through the middle.

Hotspur were next to score again through Fraser Brown to bring the scoreline to 2-1 but Netherdale kept their heads up and were rewarded by a goal from Kerr Mclelland to level the score.

The tempo of the game started to increase when Chris Gillie struck the ball through the Hotspur defence and secure his first goal for Netherdale – which may be recorded as an own goal, as it deflected off a Hotspur defender to make it 3-2.

Hotspur were awarded a penalty which was superbly saved by Paddy Beatt – then Mclelland struck the ball from a good 20 yards out, taking Gala’s ‘keeper off guard and placing the ball firmly in the top corner.

The visitors weren’t finished, however, and came back with a goal from Faustus Juodeikis but Thistle held fast to finish the game at 4-3.