Athletics: Geoff was keen to take 3rd St Ronans Games title

Selkirk runner Geoff Keen showed that lightning can not only strike once but twice and even thrice in the same place when he won the St Ronans Games 110 metres handicap for the third time on Saturday.
Geoff Keen, winner of the 110 mtrs openGeoff Keen, winner of the 110 mtrs open
Geoff Keen, winner of the 110 mtrs open

Victoria Park may have avoided the thunderstorms which affected other parts of the Scottish Borders but keen provided the flash of inspiration to light up that particular venue.

From the Edinburgh based Graeme Armstrong running camp however Keen, did not win his heat, but qualified for the cross ties as a fastest loser.

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In his semi-final outing though Keen bounced back in style when blitzing to an excellent win in 11.51 seconds.

This earned him a final place along with his coach Graeme Armstrong of Edinburgh (17.5m), training mate David Lauder of Hawick (13.5m) and TLJT and Jedburgh pair Tommy Finkle (13.5m) and Darren Tomlinson (13m) plus Selkirk’s Craig Bruce (10m).

In a hotly contested final it was Keen who produced the trump card with his top run off the day by far which earned him a photo finish win in a fast time of 11.48 seconds. Finkle and Tomlinson came in second and third.

Full Games report, reaction and more pictures in Thursday’s Southern Reporter and Friday’s Selkirk Weekend Advertiser.

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Youths’ B 90m: 1, J. Houten (Cardrona) 24m; 2, M. Hope (Hawick) 28m; 3, A. Bryce (TLJT) 18.5m. winning time: 9.62 seconds.

Youths’ A 90m: 1, C. Brus (TLJT) 22.5m; 2, G. Goodfellow (TLJT) 18m; 3, A. Johnstone (TLJT) 11m. 9.73 seconds.

110m Open: 1, G. Keen (Selkirk) 13m; 2, T. Finkle (TLJT) 13.5m; 3, D. Tomlinson (TLJT) 13m. 11.48 seconds.

800m Open: 1, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 80m; 2, S. Fraser (Hawick) 60m; 3, P. Cameron (Edinburgh) 65m. 1 minute 50.20 seconds.

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Youths’ B 200m: 1, M. Johnstone (Jed AC) 64m; 2, S. Davenport (TLJT) 53m; 3, M. Hope (Hawick) 60m. 22.56 seconds.

Youths’ A 200m: 1, E. Huxley (Pitreavie AC) 32m; 2, C. Fisher (Jed AC) 24m; 3, A. Johnstone (TLJT) 22m. 22.59 seconds.

200m Open: 1, G. Desport (Hawick) 28m; 2, C. Smith (TLJT) 30m; 3, M. Henderson (TLJT) 54m. 20.66 seconds.

Youths’ 1600m: 1, J. Amos (Jed AC) 355m; 2, M. collins (Moorfoot) 550m; 3, C. Angus (Leithenburn) 335m. 4 minutes 20.57 seconds.

1600m Open: 1, D. Whiteford (Innerleithen) 175m; 2, J. Thomson (Glenrothes) 200m; 3, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 160m. 4 minutes 11.54 seconds.