Workers reveal the top 40 most embarrassing office Christmas party moments

Have you ever taken things too far at your work Christmas party? (Photo: Shutterstock)Have you ever taken things too far at your work Christmas party? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Have you ever taken things too far at your work Christmas party? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Millions of Brits cringe when looking back on an office Christmas party - with four in 10 confessing to an embarrassing moment.

A study of 2,000 workers found one in 10 have been caught photocopying a body part, and a fifth have drunkenly revealed a secret they would rather have kept quiet.

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Another 13 per cent have found themselves embroiled in an argument with a colleague.

And nearly 40 per cent are so worried about doing something embarrassing at this year’s party, they’re planning on remaining sober.

Watching what you drink

The study - commissioned by beauty vitamins brand Perfectil - found more than half of those polled attempt to monitor how much they drink at the office party, to prevent any embarrassing mishaps.

But, despite this, a quarter find themselves overdoing it anyway, leading to 49 per cent waking up the next morning with ‘the fear’ that they’d done something humiliating.

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Other embarrassing moments suffered by hapless workers include walking around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe, which a tenth have suffered. Another 14 per cent have engaged in a spot of ‘dirty dancing’ with a colleague, leading to disapproving stares.

And one in five have been having such a good time they’ve managed to lose balance, and fall forward onto the dancefloor face-first.

When embarrassing moments escalate

It also emerged six in 10 admit they’re much more likely to do something embarrassing at their festive work do than any other time of year.

But while 36 per cent would attempt to stop a colleague from doing something humiliating, a third admitted they would leave them to it.

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Incredibly, four in 10 adults have done something so outrageous they’ve actually ended up leaving their job because of it.

Although half of these were actually sacked, 32 per cent got away with a warning from their management, according to the OnePoll research.

Top 40 embarrassing office Christmas party moments

1. Fell over2. Said something inappropriate3. Had a bad hair day4. Told someone a secret you later regretted5. Woke up on the day with a dreadful cold6. Had a 'wardrobe malfunction'7. Woke up on the day with a massive spot8. Was too honest with the boss9. Got 'caught' with a colleague10. Flirted with someone11. Spilled a drink down your party dress/ outfit12. Inappropriately danced with a colleague13. Dipped your hair in gravy/ food/ drink14. Tried to get a nice haircut just before, which went horribly wrong15. Got in an argument with a colleague16. Broke something by mistake like plates/glasses etc.17. Re-applied make-up while tipsy and ended up looking a mess18. Got hair caught in a piece of mistletoe19. Did karaoke - terribly20. Fell down the stairs21. Fell asleep on the train or bus home and missed your stop22. Got caught photocopying an inappropriate body part23. Got toilet paper stuck to your shoe24. Spilled a drink on your boss/ work colleague25. Realised at the last minute the outfit you wanted to wear no longer fits26. Splashed groin with water from too-powerful taps27. Ruined your hair by getting so sweaty dancing28. Spread office gossip and got caught out29. Got locked in the toilet30. Got stuck in a political debate with your boss/ colleague31. Vomited on the table after drinking too much before eating32. Got your underwear stuck in your skirt/dress33. Made a cringeworthy speech34. Turned up in the same outfit as someone else35. Had food stuck in your teeth for ages36. Smashed your phone37. Got chewing gum in your hair38. Forgotten to wear deodorant39. Worn an outfit you didn't realise you'd need help with going to the toilet40. Realised far too late your fly had been undone for ages

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