Website offers to find cover for your job - so you can watch the World Cup

Fancy kicking back on the sofa with a six-pack of beer to watch the World Cup while someone else does your job for you?

That's a dumb question. Of course you do.

And now you can...

Online services marketplace is giving members of the public the chance to hire freelance professionals to take over their job, while they watch the action from football's showpiece tournament in Russia.

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    The service is launching across the UK, and it's expected professionals will be charging upwards of £15 an hour.

    It could mean you can watch matches without having to use up your precious holiday days - if your boss plays ball.

    If they don't, I wouldn't recommend pulling a sicky after they've already told you no - although that would be a good way to ensure you don't miss the rest of the matches in the tournament.

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    Workers will be available across a number of sectors, including data input and analysis, where work can be outsourced remotely.

    The '˜World Cup Worker' service will be available from Thursday, 14 June, when Russia take on Saudi Arabia in the first match of the tournament.

    Customers will be asked questions relating to what they require from the service, and World Cup Workers will then contact them with a quote.

    The questions will ask customers how many matches they want covered, what profession they work in, if the job can be done remotely, and which games they'd like to watch during the World Cup Tournament.

    Anyone that signs up to be a '˜World Cup Worker' will be required to provide proof of their profession, as well as any relevant experience.

    You could kick back and relax in front of the opening match while someone else finishes off your work. Shutterstock

    Customers may ask service providers for additional evidence, such as qualification certificates and work history. Hopeful workers must also be willing to have a full background check, state any current or previous criminal convictions and be able to work remotely.

    Freelance workers needed

    Pro World Cup Workers can expect to earn upwards of £15p/h, however as with all professionals, they can set their own rates.

    As a World Cup Worker, candidates will need to fill in at work for a member of the public for up to 105 minutes of each chosen football match to cover both halves of the game and half-time. recommends that this service is primarily aimed at remote and freelance working, however it is open to all sectors and job roles.

    Once a customer has selected a service provider to fulfill their duties at work, World Cup Workers will be expected to set up a physical or virtual meeting with them, to establish exactly what the work will entail and run through any additional points not mentioned in the original hiring request.

    'The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and every four years millions of people in the UK sit down to watch it," says Kai Feller, co-founder of

    "However, for some people out there, finding the time to watch the games can be almost impossible, especially when they kick off during work hours.

    'On the other hand, you have people who couldn't care less about football and the World Cup. So, we thought why not combine the two groups and create a service that lets people watch matches, whilst someone else earns money doing their job.

    'I think it's going to be interesting to see what professions and trades people outsource for the tournament.'

    Members of the public can request a professional '˜World Cup Worker' here.

    Freelance workers looking to become a '˜World Cup Worker' can apply here.

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