UK's most surprising stay-cay companions

Research, commissioned by The Valley Cornwall, focused on firsthand accounts from over 100 hospitality locations and found a rise in demand for pet-friendly staycations.

The Valley Cornwall, is a Cornish county retreat near Falmouth and Truro which offers luxury cottages to holiday makers. The group commissioned the study to gain more insight into pets visiting the coast.

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42% of holiday home owners were found to welcome all creatures great and small, with a recent rise in demand for small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and even parrots to join in the family-fun.

When asked which animals British pet owners would take on holiday with them, 10% said that their parrots take priority. 30% revealed that their rabbit would hop-ily come along. 40% confessed that their cats would make the purr-fect travel companion. Unsurprisingly, 100% of those surveyed would pack up their pooches.

Alex Horsfall, Owner of The Valley Cornwall said: "We have had some very obscure pets come to stay with us, from cats on leads to snakes!

It is amazing to see so many new animals being requested by our guests to make their holiday the best it can be."

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