Top 10 most popular hobbies this summer

With the relaxing of restrictions and summer now in full swing, new research out today by Nextdoor, the neighbourhood app, has revealed 39% of Brits are planning on using groups and hobbies as a first step to reconnecting with their communities this summer with gardening (32%) topping the list of hobbies people are most likely to take up.

The study of 2,000 British adults1 has found that people are steering towards more traditional pastimes with cooking (25%), baking (23%), food growing (22%) and crafting (19%) amongst the most popular this summer – with 37% specifically keen to take on classic hobbies this summer.

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Top 10 Most Popular Hobbies This Summer:

1. Gardening – 32%
2. Cooking – 25%
3. Baking – 23%
4. Photography – 23%
5. Swimming – 22%
6. Food growing – 22%
7. Cycling – 21%
8. Crafting – 19%
9. Yoga – 16%
10. Learning a new language – 16%

The resurgence of classic hobbies is something Nextdoor2 has also seen growth in with an almost 20% increase in conversations around the top 10 hobbies and specifically a 47% increase in conversations around gardening, cooking and baking in the past six months, showing how eager the nation is to experience these activities with their local community.

To help the nation get summer hobby ready, Nextdoor is working with former rugby player-turned-lockdown cooking pro, James Haskell who discusses his cooking hobby and shares his infamous chicken wings recipes for Nextdoor members via this video.

‘’For those who know me, I love to BBQ! But I also have a real passion for nutrition and enjoy making super tasty healthy recipes and sharing them with my neighbours to enjoy,’’ said James Haskell. ‘’So, whether you’re into gardening, crafting or even cooking like me, apps like Nextdoor are great as they help you connect with others locally so you can swap skills, items and even recommendations– and what better way to take up a hobby than with other people?”

Nostalgic Hobbies

Looking across the nation, gardening is the most popular hobby amongst people from Northern Ireland (44%), with Londoners (28%) and people from the West Midlands (28%) taking their fancy towards food growing. Meanwhile, baking is favoured by residents from the North East (36%) and Wales (35%).

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Some of the reasons behind the classic hobby revival include too much screen time over the past year (43%), they have always wanted to try the activity (41%) and being a hobby they can enjoy with their family these summer holidays (36%).

Fancy a Hobby Swap?

Meanwhile, over half of Brits (57%) would also be happy to exchange skills with another from their local community. Of those who would be happy to exchange skills, the main reasons for doing so would be to help others (58%) and learn something new in return. And with a quarter (24%) keen to meet more people in their local community via hobbies, it seems like this summer is the perfect opportunity to step out locally and find like-minded people via neighbourhood apps such as Nextdoor.

“With lockdown restrictions now fully lifted, it’s no surprise that 39% of adults are keen to reconnect with others through groups and community efforts. In fact, one in seven households in the UK are using the platform with the vast majority of UK households in a Nextdoor neighbourhood reflecting the nation’s desire to make connections locally,” said Sarah Friar, CEO of Nextdoor. “So, whether you’re looking to make new friends in your local community, find deals on second-hand items for your hobby, or even swap skills, Nextdoor can help with this and more.”

To see James Haskell and other Nextdoor members sharing their summer hobby top tips, visit where you can also connect with others in your local community, support local businesses and get the latest news from public services.

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