Thunder, heavy rain and high temperatures forecast for bank holiday weekend

By Helen Johnson
Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 12:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 1:14 pm
Heavy rain and strong winds are set to hit parts of the UK this week (Photo: Shutterstock)
Heavy rain and strong winds are set to hit parts of the UK this week (Photo: Shutterstock)

Heavy rain and strong winds are set to hit parts of the UK this week, but the bank holiday weekend is expected to see sunny skies and warmer temperatures.

Heavy rain, thick cloud and wind

Yorkshire will see a mixed bag of weather conditions on Tuesday (20 Aug). The Met Office explains that cloud will break to allow bright or sunny spells, with “further showers developing by afternoon, these may turn heavy, with possible thunder.”

Showers will become more widespread and heavy on Wednesday (21 Aug). Thickening cloud will bring rain to all parts of the region with freshening winds.

Overnight rain will clear, with Thursday being mostly fine with some morning sunshine.

The North West of England will see sunny spells and scattered showers on Wednesday (21 Aug). Cloud will then build during the afternoon, with outbreaks of rain arriving from the northwest later.

The North East will also begin bright with some sunshine on Wednesday, but showers will turn more widespread for a time, and quite heavy.

Again, thickening cloud will bring rain later to all parts later, with freshening winds.

Scotland will see a mostly dry morning with some bright or sunny spells on Wednesday.

“Cloud will thicken in the afternoon with heavy rain spreading into the west, then moving east in the evening,” adds the Met office.

Northern Ireland will see heavy rain on Wednesday, as the Met Office explains, “a band of heavy rain sweeps east in the afternoon, then turning mainly dry with some late sunshine in the evening.”

The South of England will be brighter than other areas of the UK on Wednesday. The Met Office said, “Wednesday bright with sunshine, but a shower might develop again for the afternoon period.

“Generally turning more cloudy later in the day with winds staying light.”

Temperatures rising over the bank holiday weekend

The bank holiday weekend is expected to see sunny skies and warmer temperatures (Photo: Shutterstock)

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, said, “In the forecast leading up to the bank holiday weekend, the UK will experience a north-west/south-east split with the finest weather in the south-east.

“However, by the weekend the ridge of high pressure bringing the fine weather to southern parts should extend across most areas of the British Isles.

“There has been some discussion in the media about whether any temperature records will be broken this weekend.

“It’s certainly possible that the UK Bank Holiday Monday record of 28.2C in Lincolnshire could be challenged, as we’re anticipating temperatures in the high 20s over the weekend.”

Yorkshire will stay “dry on Friday and Saturday with some sunny spells and becoming warm, with winds remaining light,” explains the Met Office.

The North West will also begin to increase in temperature. The Met Office said, “Apart from early rain on Thursday, it will become mostly fine, dry and increasingly warm.”

Friday (23 Aug) and Saturday (24 Aug) will remain dry in the North East, with some sunny spells and feeling warm, with winds remaining light.

The South of England will also see bright skies and warmer temperatures over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Met Office explains that the South will then stay “dry Friday and Saturday with further sunshine and becoming warm with winds staying light.”

Northern Ireland may see return on Saturday, most likely in the north, whereas Scotland may see “a little patchy rain at times Friday and Saturday,” explains the Met Office. Lighter winds on Saturday.

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