This is when Scotland's bingo halls, theatres, clubs and music venues will reopen

By Stephanie Rendall
Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 12:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 5:11 pm
Indoor locations such as museums, galleries, monuments, cinemas and libraries will reopen in phase three (Credit: Shutterstock)
Indoor locations such as museums, galleries, monuments, cinemas and libraries will reopen in phase three (Credit: Shutterstock)

On 24 June, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the next steps in the phase route map out of lockdown.

During her speech, the First Minister announced indicative dates for the remainder of phase two and beginning of phase three.

She said that, as part of phase two, outdoor activities and facilities such as “outdoor sports courts”, “playgrounds”, and “zoos and garden attractions can reopen from 29 June, while the five mile travel limit will be lifted from 3 July.

But, while a number of outdoor activities are set to restart by the end of this month, what did Ms Sturgeon say about indoor entertainment?

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    When will theatres and bingo halls reopen and indoor events restart?

    According to the First Minister’s 24 June announcement, indoor entertainment, such as “theatres, bingo halls, nightclubs, casinos and other ‘live’ entertainment venues will not reopen until a later date.”

    This statement is reflected in Scotland’s phased route map out of the coronavirus crisis, hich stipulates that activities such as “live indoor events (with physical distancing and restricted numbers)” and “bingo”, as well as “nightclubs, theatres, music venues” will be allowed to reopen later on in phase three.

    However the plan states this is “unlikely to be [allowed] before 23 July and will be “subject to further public health advice”.

    When will museums, art galleries and cinemas reopen?

    In her announcement, Ms Sturgeon said that the tourism industry in general, including businesses such as pubs, restaurants and hotels, will be able to open from 15 July.

    She then announced the Scottish government’s intention for “indoor locations such as museums, galleries, monuments, cinemas and libraries” to also reopen from that date “but with precautions in place - for example, tickets being secured in advance – and of course subject to physical distancing and strict hygiene.”

    When will phase three of lockdown begin?

    The First Minister set the tentative date for when phase three may begin as July 9, stating, “I hope that we will then be able to move to phase three of the route map on 9 July. But as indicated earlier, I will make a further statement to Parliament on that date.”

    She also provided tentative dates for when a range of lockdown restrictions will end in phase three, allowing certain indoor businesses and activities to resume. Similar to the government’s approach to phase two, these dates are staggered across the month.

    Ms Sturgeon explained, “I don’t expect that we will do everything in phase three at the same time. Instead, we will take a phased approach.”

    Yet, the dates given are still “subject to relevant evidence reviews and phase criteria being met”, however they are a hopeful sign that the country is slowly easing out of the crisis.