This is when caravan parks and campsites will reopen in Scotland

By Finlay Greig
Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 2:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 5:11 pm
Scotland's tourism industry is set to reopen in  July (Getty Images)
Scotland's tourism industry is set to reopen in July (Getty Images)

Scotland is continuing to cautiously move through its coronavirus lockdown exit strategy, with First Minister Nicola Strugeon revealing the latest raft of measures on June 24.

Marking the latest move Nicola Sturgeon told parliament that the moves were "down to people doing the right thing and following the rules",

She added: "The sacrifices that have been made have suppressed the virus, protected the NHS and undoubtedly saved a significant number of lives."

Among the new changes will be the reopening of Scotland’s tourism industry.

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    Here’s everything you need to know about how that affects caravan and campsite activity

    When will I be able to go camping again? 

    On July 3 Scotland will begin to lift a series of restrictions on tourism in the country.

    From July 3 the travel limit preventing those living in Scotland from travelling more than five miles will be lifted.

    On this date self-catering accommodation without shared facilities and second homes will be permitted.

    Self-catering accommodation that could be reopened may include glamping sites.

    Camp sites, will remain closed at this time due to the need for campers to share facilities.

    From July 15, however, it is expected that all types of accommodation, including campsites, will be open to the public – though this is subject to change.

    When will be able to go to a caravan park again?

    Caravan parks also look set to open up from July 15.

    A statement from Caravan club said that they were looking to open up the majority of their sites in Scotland from “15 July in Scotland, based on current Government guidance”.

    When can I wild camp? 

    For now there is no specific advice for those looking to wild camp.

    Campfire magazine write that those looking for a night in the wilderness should hold off for now.

    They said: “bad behaviour from would-be campers in the national parks and in Scotland makes it more likely that wild camping will be policed more strictly.

    “For now, it’s camp at home, but plan for those adventures in the future.”

    With campsites set to reopen on July 15, it should be possible to also wild camp from the specified date.