This is how parents entertain their children on a Christmas journey - guess what tops the list

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We all have our unique ways we entertain ourselves during long car rides, especially with children in the back of the car.

The international mobility provider, SIXT, therefore decided to explore how the UK’s parents spend their car journeys during Christmas with their children.

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SIXT looked into how they entertain their children while travelling, how far they would tend to drive and the top Christmas songs they listen to on the road.

The research revealed that many parents rely on technology to entertain their kids, with 46 percent allowing their children to use a mobile phone and 43 percet giving them a tablet or iPad.

However, parents also keep their children occupied in a more traditional way by playing car games such as ‘I spy’ at 46 percent, singing at 35 percent and colouring books at 28 percent.

Almost a thirdof parents are looking for a much needed break during car journeys and answered that they encourage their children to sleep.

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The poll also revealed that people drive on average 76.4 miles in the UK to visit family in the days leading up to Christmas Day. Most are however driving around from 21 to 50 miles.

SIXT explored the UK’s favourite Christmas songs to play in the car.

The top 5 wereFairytale of New York by The PoguesLast Christmas by WhamI Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by WizzardDriving Home For Christmas by Chris ReaAll I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Careyas.

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