These are the top faux pas to avoid when planning a party this summer

As the UK’s summer of celebrations rolls out, almost half of adults consider getting their community together the best part of street party planning, according to new research.

With any occasion calling for a gathering this summer, garden drinks (28 per cent), BBQs (26 per cent) and just celebrating summer with family and friends (33 per cent) topped the list of reasons to celebrate.

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It also emerged that the top faux pas of party etiquette include turning up without bringing anything (42 per cent) and not inviting all the neighbours (33 per cent).

A spokesperson for Barefoot Wine, who commissioned the study, said “This year is shaping up to truly be a summer of celebration, with Pride Month in full swing, Wimbledon, the Commonwealth Games, Women’s EUROs and so many more events that will see the country come together to celebrate.

Parties and get togethers are being planned up and down the country, and we’ll certainly be raising a glass of Barefoot Wine to mark these occasions! Luckily, we’ve got you covered on how to make sure your party is the best, with super-smart party etiquette to be inspired from.”

When asked about what turns a party sour, Brits said to steer clear of leaving half eaten food (29 per cent), not helping with the party prep (26 per cent), double dipping food (25 per cent), playing awful music (25 per cent), not tidying up (20 per cent), double parking (16 per cent) and turning up late (15 per cent).

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Another 36 per cent said getting to know neighbours better is a top summer party highlight for them, while 16 per cent simply enjoy drinking a glass of wine with others.

Top summer party faux pas

  • Turning up without bringing anything
  • Not inviting all the neighbours
  • Leaving half eaten food about
  • Not helping with the party prep
  • Double dipping food
  • Playing awful music
  • Not tidying up
  • Double parking
  • Turning up late

Top 5 favourite foods to pair with a tipple and enjoy at parties

  1. Sausage Rolls
  2. Crisps
  3. Sandwiches cut into triangles
  4. Cake
  5. A cheeseboard
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