Temperatures set to plummet over Easter weekend as forecasters warn of 'big swing'

Parts of the UK are set to swing from warm to cold temperatures (Getty Images)Parts of the UK are set to swing from warm to cold temperatures (Getty Images)
Parts of the UK are set to swing from warm to cold temperatures (Getty Images)

Much of the UK has been basking in sunshine in the lead up to the Easter weekend, but Britons are now being warned to brace themselves for a “big swing” in weather conditions.

Warmer temperatures will make way for gale force winds in parts of the country, while some regions could experience snow.

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The Met Office said that despite the almost record-setting March conditions earlier this week, temperatures would decline steadily and by Monday would struggle to reach double digits.

The dip will come to a blow who will have been looking forward to spending the bank holiday weekend outdoors following the loosening of lockdown restrictions last month

What is the weather forecast for Easter weekend?

Much of the United Kingdom will experience a warm Good Friday before the arrival of cooler conditions from the Arctic.

Nicola Maxey, spokeswoman for the Met Office, said: “there are some blustery winds around, particularly along the east coast, as we go through the weekend.

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“It’s a marked change from what we saw on Wednesday and by the end of Friday we’re really all in this cold air – we’re in an Arctic trough.”

Ms Maxey said that parts of the south would hang on to warmer temperatures for the longest but that by early next week the entire country would be in single figures.

Good Friday

The Met Office has forecast “a fine and sunny day” for many but warns of cloud for those who live in eastern and northern parts of the country.

The east of the country will experience breeze while conditions along the coast are expected to be cool.

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Sunny skies are still expected across large parts of the country on Friday with highs of 14C in the south east.


On Saturday conditions are forecast to be “mostly dry” across the country, with spells of sunshine. Saturday night could see a touch of frost.

On Saturday, temperatures in the south east are expected to be about 12C and, further north, Manchester and Leeds could see highs of 13C and 10C respectively.

Easter Sunday

The big swing will really get underway on Sunday with temperatures expected to be much colder and wind with rain anticipated for much of the country.

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By Monday, the south east may drop to 8C, Manchester 7C and Leeds a chilly 5C.

Easter Monday

Wintry showers will be in full swing by Monday with temperatures creeping into single figures for the entire country.

Is the swing in temperature unusual?

The Met Office said the warmer temperatures were more unusual than the cold temperatures for the end of March.

“But it’s the colder temperatures that people will remember and note,” said Ms Maxey.

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“It’s not unusual to see these big swings in Spring – it’s a transition period between winter and summer.

“The cold will be with us for much of next week, and with any showers you could see the possibility of snow falling over high ground in northern areas – the Pennines, Cumbria, Scotland.”

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