Some of the best sporting board games for anyone missing live matches

by Stuart Chandler

In the absence of any live matches, sports fans can keep things competitive with one of these entertaining board games.

Subbuteo UEFA Champions League Playset

The classic football game beloved by generations of kids and adults. This edition has everything you need to create your own tournament. Get those fingers flicking.

From £27

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BrainBox Sport

Trivia game. Did you know table tennis has 300 million players worldwide? Or that the first Rugby World Cup was won by New Zealand?

This BrainBox includes fascinating facts about almost every sport you have heard of, and maybe a few you haven’t.

From £10

Formula D

If you’re missing the excitement of Formula One, you can recreate a race weekend with this inventive board game. The base pack features boards that have an F1 track and a Street Track on the other side.

Playing time is just 60 minutes, plus it’s easy to learn but a challenge to master. Expansion packs, including Hockenheim and US tracks are also available

From £30

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Flamme Rouge

The Tour De France is in doubt this year but, no fear - you can enjoy the classic cycling game Flamme Rouge instead. Flamme Rouge is a fast-paced, tactical bicycle racing game, where each player controls a team of two riders and players race to be the first to cross the finish line. Anyone can race, few become champions.

For two to four players, ages eight and up.

From £30


Starplayer has all the excitement of football in a captivating, fast-paced family board game! For two to four players (or teams) aged eight to adult.

Football knowledge is not essential, so everyone can join in this challenging, fun game. Build your own exciting football club of 11 international footballers, plus manager and stadium, with a £150 million Club Fund, using strategy, skill and luck to outwit opponents.

From £25


For some electronic fun, try Fanzone, the football trivia game. With 500 football questions, and five different topics, the interactive game master does it all. You can choose your mode according to players.

From £29

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1st & Goal

The American Football game for all you enthusiasts of US sport. The game pits two football teams in a classic gridiron match.

Playable by two to four players, coaches play using the cards available in their hands. Yardage gained or lost is determined by the roll of the dice. Strategic play calling makes all the difference. The right offensive play might get a lot of yardage ,unless the defence sets up correctly to stop it.

Fumbles, interceptions sacks penalties, deep passes breakaway runs, it’s all in here. Age range - eight and up.

From £31


LBW is a simple card game suitable for all ages, based on the sport of cricket. LBW can be quickly learned and enjoyed, whether you are an enthusiast, or even if you have no understanding of the rules of cricket.

There are four roles - batsman, bowler, scorer and umpire. Players take it in turns to perform each of the roles. Two dice are included.

From £11.99

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