Revealed: The UK's most popular free-to-play sports games on iOS and Android in lockdown

Fishing, golf and football are the top three sports people are downloading to play for free online to try and replace the live sport-shaped void in their lives caused by lockdown.

The team at team have researched and revealed the most popular free-to-play sports games on iOS and Android in the UK right now, allowing Brits to engage in their favourite sports and activities, whilst staying safe and saving money.

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Bored Brits are finding alternative ways to enjoy many of their favourite pastimes in lockdown, and with a vast choice of great games for iPhone and Android phones, sports and activities are no different.

One of the most popular sports games at the moment is mobile fishing game CarpCraft.

It ranks near the top in iOS/Android app stores for carp and carp fishing and since lockdown was first announced, downloads have increased by more than 100 per cent.

A spokesperson for said: “Whether you’re mourning football, or going to miss the cancelled Wimbledon, there’s a big hole in people’s lives where sport used to be.

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“There might not be any sport on the TV at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action in other ways.

“With spectator sports cancelled indefinitely during this public health crisis, sporting fans have flocked to their phones to get their hobby fix.

“We are seeing a huge rise in downloads since lockdown, and often a download can turn into hours of non-stop gameplay and fun.

“Fortunately for sport-loving Brits, there are plenty of games that you can download right now and not need to spend a single penny.

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“Among the free games, Golf Rival and archery game Archery King are favourites for sports fans.”

Other popular sports for download fans include darts and pool.

The top 15 downloads on the list are:

1. CarpCraft (fishing)

2. Golf Rival (golf)

3. Score! Hero (football)

4. Darts of Fury (darts)

5. 8 Ball Hero (pool)

6. Cricket Megastar (cricket)

7. Tennis Clash (tennis)

8. Snooker Stars (snooker)

9. Archery King (archery)

10. Quiz Up (pub sports quiz)

11. Bowling king (tenpin bowling)

12. Prizefighter (boxing)

13. Skateboard Party 3 (skateboarding)

14. Table Tennis Touch (table tennis)

15. Absolute RC Simulator (model aeroplane flying)

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