Opal Fruits are coming back after 22 years - here’s where you can buy them

Will you be buying some when they arrive on shelves? (Photo: Mars)
Will you be buying some when they arrive on shelves? (Photo: Mars)

Fans of retro sweets will be delighted by the news that Opal Fruits are making a comeback next month, with the popular chews set to return to UK stores.

The iconic sweets will be available once again from late February 2020, 22 years after their name was changed to Starburst.

A long-awaited return

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    Mars has confirmed the retro sweets will return to UK stores next month, with the first shipment due to roll out on Monday 24 February.

    Originally launched in 1960, the soft taffy chews had their name changed to the more commonly known Starburst in 1998, to match what they were called in the US at the time.

    The sweets had their name changed to Starburst in 1998, o match what they were called in the US at the time (Photo: Shutterstock)

    Now, 22 years on, Opal Fruits will be back on shelves once again with all the original flavours, including strawberry, lemon, orange and lime. The only difference between the original sweets and Starburst is that the latter includes a lemon and lime, and blackcurrant flavour chew.

    The sweets have been reintroduced in the UK several times since rebranding as Starburst, with the last time being a 12 week long stint back in 2008.

    Now those with a sweet tooth will be able to get their hands on them once again - but it will be for a limited period only.

    Where can I buy Opal Fruits?

    Opal Fruits will be available to buy in Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains, Iceland, Savers and The Range, according to The Sun. The sweets will be sold alongside Starburst in 152g pouches.

    They have an RRP of £1, although shops are free to set their own prices, so costs may vary from store to store.

    Mars has not yet confirmed an exact date for the launch, but the first batch is due to roll out on 24 February.

    Poundland said they expect to stock the sweets for “eight to 10 weeks”, so sweet fans have a limited period to enjoy them while they can.