New Saving Scheme Blocks 'Millennial Spending’ on Greggs and Netflix

Time to put down the lattes and sausage rolls

A new savings scheme is launching today which aims to help millennials cut down on life's luxuries and save for their dream home.

The SacrifISA comes in response to Kirstie Allsopp's motivational comments. Haysto, an online mortgage broker, launched the scheme to help boost the pockets of young people.

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How it works

The ISA is linked to the user's debit card and helps to curb unnecessary spending once connected. By blocking non-essential purchases, users will soon notice their savings totting up one oat latte at a time. The millennial pink card will automatically transfer funds into your SacrifISA account.

Jonny Molton, Founder and CEO of Haysto said: "We all know that soaring house prices are the reason why young people are struggling to buy their own home.

We were inspired by Kirstie's comments to help millennials re-evaluate their spending habits. Furthermore, this will enable them to get back on track to owning their first home."

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