Meet Boken - a lovable new children’s character - with lots to do for 4 to 9-year-olds

A friendly new canine face has been launched into the children’s leisure and entertainment market Worldwide.

Boken is a fun-loving real-life miniature Schnauzer who lives in Spain with his mum Sara Mastriforte and dad Neil Egerton.

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Starting with a few videos and a couple of short books they had written about Boken, Sara and Neil have now created a whole world of fun, entertainment and education centred on the escapades of their lovable pet.

Aimed at children aged five to nine years old, the website has two free ebooks to download plus more stories and audiobooks, the Boken’s Buddies membership club, free games, puzzles and colouring-in pictures, fun and helpful blogs, brilliant videos, catchy songs and a Boken ringtone.

There’s also a range of merchandise.

Boken’s stories are all based on Boken’s life in Spain and the real-life adventures that Sara and Neil have enjoyed with Boken in England, Ireland and across Spain.

They also feature his actual amigos Bounce, Pepe and Peta the dogs, and Kizzi the cat.As well as being great fun, Boken’s stories and blogs are educational.

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They have a wide-ranging vocabulary with some words which kids might have to look up. They also include plenty of facts and useful information about the places Boken visits.

Just as important, the stories and blogs guide children on how to do the right thing, both with family, friends, pets and for themselves.

They encourage good manners, honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness.

They help kids to learn about cooking and healthy eating, being active and getting enough exercise, and how important it is to get enough sleep when you’re growing up.

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Sara Mastriforte is delighted with what they have achieved saying, “Boken is our little boy so it was only natural to shoot videos, take photos and write stories about him.

We enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it properly and pulled together a professional team to help us.

“Our project manager helped launch Pip Ahoy with David Jason, our editor is a highly experienced advertising copywriter and we have a number of supremely talented illustrators working for us.

“We wanted our website and everything we create for Boken to be as professional, colourful and entertaining as any other character in children’s publishing. I think we’ve definitely achieved that. We hope you like him and his stories.”

As Boken himself would say and the catchphrase he uses whenever he’s extremely happy ... “ARRRHHHOOOOO!”

Find the new world here

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