McDonald’s Monopoly is coming back - here’s when it starts and how to win

Are you ready for McDonald's Monopoly? 
 (Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)Are you ready for McDonald's Monopoly? 
 (Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
Are you ready for McDonald's Monopoly? (Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

McDonald’s Monopoly is a beloved event where customers can win huge prizes just by ordering some lunch or dinner from the fast food chain.

The long anticipated game from McDonald’s is almost upon us - this is what you need to know about how to win big.

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When is it going to start?

While McDonald’s hasn’t yet announced the official dates of its 2020 Monopoly game, it’s expected to start in March.

Last year, it ran from 20 March to 30 April, and in 2018 it ran from 21 March until 1 May and in 2017 it lasted between 22 March to 2 May.

If previous years are anything to go by, then the Monopoly event will follow the same pattern, and begin in March.

How does it work?

The process essentially works in the same way as the board game it takes its name from - instead of working your way around the board like in Monopoly, players will be able to collect game pieces from McDonald’s products.

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Each piece represents a tile you’d find on a Monopoly board, like Mayfair, Liverpool Street Station or Old Kent Road.

Some pieces are rarer than others, and these rare ones will bag you the bigger prizes.

Not all McDonald’s food items come with the tokens though, so be aware of what you’re ordering because you might end up with none.

Different types of game pieces

There are three different types of pieces that you can get your hands on:

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  • Instant win pieces, which lets you redeem your piece immediately - these are usually food related items
  • Property game pieces, which feature a street or station name - these are part of the Collect to Win game pieces where you’ll need to collect a specific set of pieces to win big prizes
  • Online game pieces, which have a unique 10 character long code which should be entered onto the McDonald’s Monopoly website

What can I win?

McDonald’s hasn’t released its prize list for its 2020 game, but these are some of the prizes that players have bagged in previous years:

  • £10,000
  • Mini Cooper
  • PS4 console
  • A £50 Boohoo voucher
  • A phone of the players choice with a one year contract
  • Urbanears wireless headphones

Other pieces will also just be McDonald’s food items that you can redeem straight away, like a Big Mac meal.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

Most of the big prizes require you collect multiples of the same tiles, so straight off the bat, you’ll need to save all the pieces that you get and not throw any away, as they could come together for you to win big.

With every item with tokens, you’ll also get one online game sticker as well, which is apparently the best way to win cash prizes ranging from £5 to £100, according to Money Saving Expert. You’ll need to enter these online token codes in order to claim your prize.

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Money Saving Expert says, “Think about what time you enter these codes online. If you enter at non-peak time (e.g early morning or overnight), you’ll not have as much competition as entering at, say, a busy lunchtime - so your chances of winning are better.”

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