Hundreds of Nationwide customers have been charged twice - here’s how to check if you’re affected

Nationwide has accidentally charged hundreds of its credit card customers twice - forcing many into financial difficulty as a result.

The mistake was first uncovered by financial advice group, who found that the bank had pushed many beyond their overdraft limits.

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What happened?

Nationwide customers were charged twice for payments they made on the balances of their credit cards on Saturday 4 January 2020.

The bank’s overcharging error affected customers who paid the charges from Nationwide current accounts, as well as those transferring the money from accounts with rival banks.

Nationwide said the duplicated payments were refunded on Friday 10 January, which left some customers incurring unplanned overdraft charges for six days.

A spokesperson for Nationwide said, “We apologise to our customers who unfortunately had the payment to their credit card taken twice.

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“Only a small number of customers were impacted by this and all duplicate payments have now been refunded."

What to do if you were affected

The bank now says that all charges taken in error should now be refunded, and should appear in the accounts of affected customers.

Anyone who paid from a Nationwide current account and faced overdraft charges as a result should also have been refunded by the bank.

Anyone who saw the charges taken from a non-Nationwide account needs to contact the bank urgently to make sure the money is correctly refunded as this will not be done automatically.

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Nationwide said it would ensure any impact on customers’ credit reports would be corrected - but said there was unlikely to be negative change as a result of their error. They also said that any compensation, on top of the refunds, would be handled by their complaints team on a case by case basis.

You can contact Nationwide’s customer support service on 0800 30 20 15, or by writing to them at The Complaints Team, Nationwide Building Society, NW 2020, Swindon, SN38 1NW.

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