How to get your free on-line skin care consultation

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It’s tough at the moment! Everyone is having to adjust to a new way of life. Endless Zoom and Houseparty calls are making us more aware of our skin just as stress is taking its toll on it.

This is why Swedish luxury skincare brand Foreo is offering consumers the opportunity to bring the expert into your home to have a virtual one-to-one with Chris Luckham.

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Chris is UK and Ireland education specialist at Foreo available to discuss any skincare issues and concerns.

And yes, it’s completely free!

Just because you cannot get out to your normal facial appointment does not mean you have to miss out on that comforting, expert advice.

Chris will be able to address any concerns or queries from pigmentation, ageing and acne through to guidance on the best skincare regime for dry or oily skin using one of the many products in the Foreo range.

Foreo experts will be able to consult and teach customers how to look after their skin from the comfort of their own home, plus suggest new ideas to achieve your skincare goals.

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After the online conference the Foreo expert will recommend the best skincare device to use from the FOREO range which will be made available at 25 per cent off any recommended product during the consultation.

Chris Luckham at Foreo is enthusiastic about the company’s new venture into virtual skin conferencing.

“We are going through tough times, yes! Skincare, however, plays a huge role into how we feel,” he said.

Dry skin, breakouts and sallow skin are issues we can all face during this time.

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“Having that human touch and bespoke help finding what’s best for your skin isn’t easy currently.

“Thanks to technology we bring this concept to celebrate that we can, and I look forward to it.”

The service is available now.

To make a booking, visit or email [email protected]

Foreo has also launched the first lunar inspired beauty skincare regime in conjunction with Jade Mordente, a Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and mystic.

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Jade said: “The lunar-cycle takes place over 29.5 days and consists of eight key phases. There are most definitely unique energies and spiritual meanings behind each phase - which can be explained by science, experience and faith.”

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