Here's where Netflix's White Lines was filmed, and who is in the cast

Netflix’s White Lines has been captivating audiences ever since its debut on 15 May.

This British/Spanish co-produced mystery thriller recounts events after the body of a legendary Manchester DJ is discovered twenty years after his mysterious disappearance from Ibiza.

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The DJ's sister returns to the Spanish island resort to find out just what happened, and uncovers a world of dance clubs, lies and cover-ups.

It’s the new show from Alex Pina - the man behind the huge Netflix hit Money Heist, which has just aired its fourth season.

The show is dripping in club and rave culture, particularly the hedonistic nightlife of the white sands of Ibiza.

And the cast and crew got to enjoy some idyllic filming locations between June and October 2019, when the series was shot.

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Where was White Lines filmed?

(Photo: Netflix)(Photo: Netflix)
(Photo: Netflix)

In total, the cast spent five months filming in Spanish capital Madrid and nearby city Toledo, where most of the interior shots where filmed, but otherwise shot on locations in:


The famed party island is the perfect setting for White Lines, and is arguably Europe's clubbing hub; most of the series was shot on location there.

Ibiza Town, the island's capital on the south coast, and Sant Antoni in the west, are the two main party districts

The island is particularly famous for its house, trance, techno and electronic scene, though DJs play a range of music, and some of its most iconic clubs include Cafe del Mar, DC10, Pacha and Amnesia.

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Famed British DJ Pete Tong has a club night at Pacha on the island and also works for BBC Radio 1, and is just one of several UK DJs who have made their names in Ibiza.

The island is where DJs like Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker, and Nicky Holloway are credited with discovering the combination of house music and MDMA early in their careers.

"In England at that time, clubs only played one type of music, and London was full of attitude. But at Amnesia you had 7,000 people dancing to Cyndi Lauper. Total freedom," Oakenfold told The Guardian.

Holloway added: "We all tried ecstasy for the first time together, and then the whole thing made sense. [DJ] Alfredo was playing [Chicago house label imprints] Trax and DJ International next to Kate Bush and Queen, all the white English acts we'd turn our noses up at. But on E, it all made sense."

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Ibiza City boasts its Renaissance era walls, is home to many idyllic beaches, and large swathes of the island are registered Unesco World Heritage sites, so there is far more to Ibiza than just partying.


Home to just shy of 900,000 people, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, and also makes a fair few appearances in White Lines.

Despite its small size relative to Spainthe full country, the airport in its capital, Palma, is one of the busiest in Spain, and like Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, it is extremely popular as a holiday destination.

The island was once occupied by the Romans, and even before that there is evidence of prehistoric settlements on the island.

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Rumours are abound that White Lines will be returning to the island for a second season.

Who’s in the cast?

White Lines follows Zoe Collins, who comes to the island to identify the body of her DJ brother Axel, who mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago.

Zoe is played by Laura Haddock, who plays Peter Quill's mother in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and was also Will's love interest Alison in The Inbetweeners Movie.

Tom Rhys Harries, best known for his role in Britannia, plays Axl in flashback scenes, while Daniel Mays (Line of Duty, Good Omens), Laurence Fox (Lewis) and Angela Griffin (Waterloo Road, Coronation Street) play the childhood friends who moved to Ibiza with him.

Also on the cast are Marta Milans (Shazam) and Juan Diego Botto (Good Behaviour), while Portuguese star Nuno Lopes plays a driver and bodyguard.

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