Here's the TikTok strawberry milk trend explained - and how to try it yourself at home

Popular video app, TikTok, seems to have a new trend each week, from dance routines to coffee - but the latest craze is a strawberry milk recipe, which is said to taste just like a McDonald's shake.

Since the UK lockdown came into place in March, fans of McDonald's have been missing their burger and milkshake fix.

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And, with no concrete plans of when the fast food chain will reopen, people have taken to social media to share their at-home creations. The chain also released a template of its Happy Meal box to help those recreating the popular kids meal.

One of the easier things to try and make at home is the strawberry milkshake, which is why it has become such a hit on the video app TikTok.

How to make strawberry milk

You'll need to add strawberries, milk, ice and some sugar to your shopping list of essentials.


Wash the strawberries and remove the stalks, then chop into small pieces.

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Put the strawberries into a pan and add two heaped tablespoons (use less if you don't want it to be too sweet).

Then muddle (slightly mash) the strawberries and sugar together then increase the heat to bring the mixture to the boil.

Keep it on a rolling boil (like making jam) for a few minutes - making sure it doesn't burn.

Bring off the heat and leave to cool.

Fill  your most photogenic glass so it's about three quarters full of ice.

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Add a layer of strawberry syrup then slowly top up the glass with your choice of milk (dairy or plant-based is fine).

Remember to take photos for Instagram and TikTok - because, if it isn't on social media, did you even really make it?

This latest at-home creation comes at a time when one man spent 18 months perfecting a KFC-style chicken recipe, which then went viral when he shared it on Twitter.