Geek Retreat plans to open 100 more shops in the UK - here’s what it sells

Geek Retreat plans to open 100 more shops in the UK over the next two years, but what can you buy there, and where will the new stores be located?

The retailer specialises in all things ‘geeky’, selling everything from comics to memorabilia and tabletop games.

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Founded in Glasgow in 2017, the stores sell a multitude of merchandise, including posters, clothing, figures and trading cards, alongside specialist brands, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Harry Potter.

The company currently has 14 UK sites, which combine retail space with cafes and areas in which to play games and hold events. Geek Retreat has now said it will open another 100 stores over the next two years. The plans would create around 600 new jobs.

Planned store locations

Geek Retreat said it expected to open sites in various locations across the UK, including Bournemouth, Northampton and Liverpool in the coming months, followed by Southampton, Dumfries, Cardiff, and Sutton in London.

The chain operates as a franchise, and aims to open five stores per month from the beginning of 2021, with plans subject to change depending on the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

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Current safety measures in place

The current Geek Retreat shops are following Covid-secure measures, with only a limited number of customers allowed in at one time. Customers must submit their details for Track and Trace purposes, and adhere to social distancing measures.

Geek Retreat boss, Peter Dobson, told the BBC, "During the pandemic, while our gaming events have had to stop and the hospitality side of our business is more difficult, our stores still have loyal communities who support our retail side.

"We have made sure all of our stores are welcoming and accessible to gamers whatever their interests, providing a place for our loyal customers to get out of the house and play safely post-lockdown."