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Tourists are set to be fined €750 (£645) for peeing in the sea in Spain this summer.

Officials in the city of Vigo in Galicia are cracking down on people urinating in the sea or by the beach, by punishing those doing it with a big fine.

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The city council says the habit breaks hygiene and sanitary rules and needs to stop.

To help tackle the situation, public toilets will be installed on beaches during the busiest holiday period.

The council hasn’t revealed how it will be able to tell if people have actually gone for a wee in the sea


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By Harry Redshaw

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The Motorsport UK Drag Racing Season is finally underway and ,as the current British champion, I'm lookinf forward to taking on my racetrack rivals to defend my title.

Harry racing (pictured below)

My dad bought me my first junior dragster when I was eight, which is the minimum age you need to be to race, and I've been competing ever since.

I'm lucky enough to compete in some of the top drag racing events in the UK and Europe with my brother Damion, who is 11, and together we're known as the ODYSSEY Battery Drag Racing Team.

I absolutely love the feeling I get on the racetrack. There's nothing like it and the feeling of winning a race is just incredible.

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I compete in a half-scale junior dragster, which goes from 0-60mph (97km/h) in under three seconds. It's a fantastic car, and I know it's going to be another action-packed season!


Tour de France

1-24 July

The world's biggest cycling event kicks off in Copenhagen, Denmark. It covers over 3,300 km. It ends in Paris on 24 July.

International Joke Day

1 July

Get ready to laugh, as people across the world are encouraged to share their favourite jokes.

Plastics challenge

1-31 July

Can you give up single-use plastics for a whole month? This challenge aims to tackle plastic waste and protect the planet. Visit

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A 92-year-old man is thought to have become the oldest person to sit a GCSE exam. Derek Skipper took a maths exam at Comberton Village College, in a hall full of 16-year-olds. He hopes for a good mark!


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