Editors' Code of Practice to be reviewed in public consultation - how to make a submission

The Editors’ Code of Practice, under which the vast majority of Britain’s newspaper, magazine and news website journalists work, is to be the subject of a public consultation.

The Editors' Code of Practice Committee, which writes and revises the code of standards policed by the Independent Press Standards Organisation, has invited suggestions from the public, editors, journalists and others working in the media, and anyone else with an interest in journalistic standards, on how the Code might be revised to improve the system of self-regulation of the press, of which it is an essential component.

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The Code covers a wide range of issues, including accuracy, privacy, harassment, intrusion into grief or shock, reporting suicide, coverage of children and discrimination. It can be found at:https://www.editorscode.org.uk/the_code.php

How to make a submission

Submissions should be sent by email to: [email protected]

The closing date for submissions is Friday, March 27.

All submissions will be published on the Editors' Code of Practice Committee website, unless anonymity is requested.

About the Code

The Editors’ Code of Practice Committee is made up of editors and lay people.

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Chairman Neil Benson said: “The Code is continuously reviewed and suggestions for revisions are considered by the committee, with the most recent update taking place in July 2019.

“This public consultation is another opportunity for points to be made about any aspect of the Code.

“The Editors’ Code of Practice is a living document guided by real world experience. It will soon have been in operation for thirty years and during that time it has evolved to meet changes in society.”

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