Britain’s top BBQ hacks for Summer 2021

As we welcome warmer weather, and the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, Brits are rushing to get their summer plans in place, research has revealed. Summer plans are booming – 60% of us have already made plans to socialise this summer, and BBQs are coming out on top, with 45% of us looking forward to firing up the grill with family and friends. 

But what are the trends for barbeques in summer 2021, and how can we make sure they go off without a hitch? According to research conducted by Primula, the nation’s favourite squeezy cheese, us Brits are a resourceful bunch – with plenty of top tips to help us host the best BBQ ever! 

Britain’s top BBQ hacks for Summer 2021 

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  • Get your grill ready – add oil to make life easier! 21% of us would recommend adding oil to your grill before adding your food, to prevent a sticky situation with your food. 
  • Put safety first, and soak your skewers. Soaking skewers, recommended by 22% of Brits, makes them safer when leaving on hot surfaces and helps to prevent charring – it also makes them cooler to handle too. 
  • Keep your meat moist, adopt the most undiscovered hack of 2021. Adding an ice cube – yes you heard us right! – to your burger whilst it’s on the grill will help prevent it from drying out (our worst nightmare). 
  • Go squeezy with your cheese! Recommended by 13% of the nation, using real squeezy cheese instead of plastic squares to top your burger (or other BBQ food item of choice) offers a taste sensation like no other – think creamy, melty and delicious with a range of flavours without competition. Plus, what’s easier than simply squeezing on your cheese?  
  • And when it comes to cleaning, do it whilst it’s hot. Cleaning your BBQ, carefully, whilst it’s still hot will make your life a million times easier – 23% of us reckon the heat will help loosen off any residue left behind and activate your cleaning products. 

The survey also revealed our go-to favourites when it comes to BBQ food this summer; Meat (67%), Salad (53%), Condiments (46%), Cheese (40%), and Veggies (30%), with cheese coming out as the nation’s favourite BBQ topping – 51% of us would consider a burger incomplete without it! 

Nicole Herbert, Development Technologist, at Primula, said: "It's clear that summer is well and truly underway for us Brits, with over half of us already having our plans pencilled in, and we want to help the nation make it as joyful as possible.  

"With the boom in barbequing, we've got something to suit every taste bud for those looking to jump on the squeezy cheese trend. Our Original Cheese is the perfect all-rounder whatever your go-to BBQ food is, and our Cheese ‘n’ Jalapeños is ideal for those who want to add a kick to their BBQ! We’d also recommend keeping your eyes peeled for our Burger Cheese which is due to hit shelves in the near future – it will truly transform your BBQs!" 

With a fifth of us rushing out to buy a brand-new BBQ for the summer months ahead, find recipes and plenty of inspiration on how to squeeze every bit of joy out of your summer over at

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