Apple to release new app that will limit time on social media

Technology giant Apple will soon roll out a software update allowing all users to set daily limits on the amount of time they spend using their phone or tablet.

iPhone and iPad owners will be able to choose how long they wish to spend on each individual app every day, and will be notified if they are close to reaching that time limit.

The company's aim is to make users aware of their habits when it comes to technology, and to help them deal with any excessive usage.

How it works

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    The new app, called Screen Time, will highlight how regularly a person uses everything from Facebook to YouTube on their device. It will also measure how often the device is looked at throughout the day and the number of notifications received.

    Existing Apple users will be able to use the Time Screen function after the company's next software update (Photo: Shutterstock)

    As well as being able to view their own data, parents will be able to access their children's activity reports from their own devices, to stay informed about their online habits.

    How do I get the app?

    Existing Apple users will not need to download or purchase any new apps in order to use the Screen Time feature.

    The app will appear automatically on devices after updating to the iOS 12 operating system, which will launch later this year.

    Main image: Shutterstock