6 of the best gym equipment items for workouts at home - and where to buy them

By Helen Johnson
Friday, 3rd April 2020, 4:26 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd April 2020, 4:44 pm
Many people throughout the UK will now be adapting to working out at home as the lockdown continues (Photo: Shutterstock)
Many people throughout the UK will now be adapting to working out at home as the lockdown continues (Photo: Shutterstock)

Many people throughout the UK will now be adapting to working out at home as the lockdown continues.

But if you’re used to exercising in a gym and using certain equipment in your workouts, you might need to invest in some extra gear to use home.

Here are some tips on good gym equipment for working out at home and where you can order it from.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for working muscles and stimulating muscle growth, without putting strain on your joints.

If you don’t want to use weights then bands can be a great alternative, and they’re also a good space-saver.

Bands come in different strengths so there’s plenty to choose from to suit your needs.

Try these five bands for £12.99 from Amazon.

Exercise balls

Exercise balls are great for developing your core, and are especially good if you are recovering from an injury.

They can aid in activating core muscles around your mid-section and can be a good way of helping to improve both your posture and balance. You can even use them for pilates exercises.

This exercise ball from Amazon comes in sizes ranging from 55-85cm, with prices starting from £9.99.

Yoga mat/workout mat

When doing any kind of exercise on the floor, it’s always beneficial to do so on a mat to protect your body - and your floors.

There’s a wide range of yoga, pilates and workout mats online, all of which come in different lengths and thickness to suit your requirements.

The Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat costs £20 and comes in a range of colours.


If you’re used to using dumbbells at the gym, you might need some for using at home.

Sports Direct sells a wide range of dumbbells, including ones from Reebok, starting from £5.99.

Yoga foam blocks

Foam blocks are a great addition to workouts at home, especially when practising yoga or pilates.

There’s a wide variety available to suit your needs, so it’s worth shopping around, but this foam block is available to purchase on Argos from £5.99.

Skipping ropes

Skipping ropes can be a great form of exercise and can be used as a standalone workout or incorporated into part of a routine.

If you want something a little more intense, you could even try a weighted skipping rope.

Try this skipping rope from Amazon, costing £21.97.

Where else can I buy equipment from?

Although many places where you would usually be able to purchase sports equipment from have temporarily closed during the UK lockdown, some are still open online, and there’s a range of online sports shops where you can still purchase equipment for workouts at home from, alongside Asda, John Lewis, Amazon and eBay.

It’s worth noting that with increased demand, you may be waiting longer than expected for products to arrive, and some equipment may be out of stock or usual delivery arrival times may have changed, so it’s worth checking all of this when ordering.