15 of the most exciting TV dramas coming this Spring

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There has already been a raft of heavyweight TV dramas this year, from McMafia to Kiri, and there are some intriguing shows on the horizon too.

From the return of one of last year's biggest hits, to new offerings from Netflix, the BBC and beyond, here's what to look forward to between now and the end of May.

Sneaky Pete (Season 2)

Giovanni Ribisi plays Sneaky Pete (Photo: Amazon)

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What is it? Sneaky Pete – executive produced by Bryan Cranston – debuted to little fanfare, pleasantly surprising many viewers and telling the story of Marius, a man who stole his cellmate Pete’s identity. In Season 2, thugs believing Marius is the real Pete kidnap him, and threaten to kill his family unless he takes them to Pete’s estranged mother Maggie, and the millions she stole from them.

How can I watch it? Amazon Prime (9 March)


What is it? This new supernatural drama follows the Hastings, a family of morticians with supernatural connections that provide "afterlife care" for clients who've suffered unworldly deaths. With that premise, things are bound to get spooky in the mysterious town of La Rochelle, Georgia.

How can I watch it? Netflix (9 March)

The Good Fight (Season 2)

(Photo: Channel 4)

What is it? The spin-off series from The Good Wife sees its second series broadcast in March. In the opening episode of Season 2, an unfortunate event brings the firm together, along with the prospect of a new name partner.

How can I watch it? More4 (15 March)


(Photo: Fabián Trapanese/Netflix)

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What is it? Set in Buenos Aires, this Argentinian drama tells the story of Edha, a trendsetting designer whose nontraditional male model becomes her muse. Their chemistry inspires Edha to create a stunning new fashion line, but Teo's hidden agenda sets into motion a series of betrayals that could cause their worlds to unravel.

How can I watch it? Netflix (16 March)

The Mechanism

What is it? This Brazilian drama takes a fictionalised look at the ongoing Lava Jato investigation. Initially a money laundering investigation, 'Operation Car Wash' expands to cover allegations of corruption at state-controlled oil company Petrobras; executives allegedly accepted bribes in return for awarding contracts to construction firms at inflated prices.

How can I watch it? Netflix (23 March)

Versailles (Season 3)

(Photo: BBC)

What is it? The BBC's period drama set during during the reign of Louis XIV, returns despite its first two seasons receiving mixed reviews. If you like lavish period dramas, however, then this is right up your street.

Where can I watch it? BBC Two (March)

Deep State

(Photo: FOX)

What it it? This new spy thriller stars Mark Strong as a man who believes he has retired from MI6. He's called back in for one last job (that old chestnut!) which will allow him to regain his 'normal' life; but should the job go wrong, he may have no normal life to go back to.

How can I watch it? FOX (5 April)

Legion (Season 2)

(Photo: Chris Large/FX)

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What is it? Based on the Marvel X-Men character, Legion tells the story of a diagnosed schizophrenic who discovers that it’s possible the voices he hears and visions he sees may not all be in his head. Season 1 was a revolutionary take on the stagnant superhero genre, with episodes taking place entirely inside a character’s subconscious, pop culture in-jokes and references, and some truly eye-popping art direction and production design.

How can I watch it? FOX (17 April)

The Alienist

What is it? This cerebral sounding thriller follows Laszlo Kreizler (Inglorious Basterds' Daniel Brühl,) a brilliant and obsessive 'Alienist' in the controversial new field of treating mental pathologies. Set in New York, Kreizler holds the key to hunting down a never-before-seen ritualistic killer murdering young boys.

Where can I watch it? Netflix (19 April)

Westworld (Season 2)

(Photo: HBO)

What is it? Jonathan Nolan’s retelling of the Michael Crichton film and novel was a true smash-hit, and looks to be on a trajectory to reach Game of Thrones' heady heights. It returns for Season 2 this Spring, taking viewers back to the technologically advanced Wild West theme park populated by android hosts.

How can I watch it? Sky Atlantic (23 April)

The Handmaid's Tale (Season 2)

(Photo: Channel 4/MGM)

What is it? The TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian tale was one of the most talked about shows of 2017, and the second season looks to create a similar buzz. Only a few teasers have been unveiled so far, but judging by them, life for Offred and the rest of the handmaids looks set to become a lot harder.

Where can I watch it? Channel 4 (Spring)

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Humans (Season 3)

(Photo: Channel 4)

What is it? The sci-fi drama in which humans and robots are identical returns. Based on Swedish science fiction drama Real Humans, the show explores artificial intelligence and robotics, and the psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called 'synths'.

Where and can I watch it? Channel 4 (Spring)

Kiss Me First

What is it? This innovative thriller is based on Lottie Moggach’s novel about a lonely video game addict who meets a confident party girl with a dark secret online. It combines live action with state-of-the-art computer-generated virtual world sequences.

How can I watch it? Channel 4 (Spring)

The Man in the High Castle (Season 3)

(Photo: Amazon Prime)

What is it? Amazon Prime's flagship original series - about an alternative universe United States in which the Nazis won World War II and the Axis of Evil now controls the country - returns for its third season.

How can I watch it? Amazon Prime (Spring)

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What is it? Danny Boyle makes the jump to TV with Trust, on which he executive produces. Written by Simon Beaufoy (who also penned Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire), it tells the rebellious story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III - heir to the Getty oil fortune - and stars Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank. If that sounds familiar, you've probably seen All the Money in the World.

How can I watch it? Sky Atlantic (Spring)

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