Flood warnings issued for Borders

Flood warnings have been issued for parts of the Borders today, February 9, following heavy rain last night and this morning.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has issued a flood alert for the region as a whole and specific warnings for Tweedbank to Kelso, Peebles, Hawick to Monteviot, Monteviot to Kelso, Kelso to Coldstream, the Ettrick Valley, Romannobridge to Lyne Station, Camptown to Jedburgh, Newcastleton, Drumelzier to Dawyck, Dawyck to Lyne Ford and Jedburgh to Jedfoot Bridge.

An agency spokesperson said: “There is a risk of flooding from the River Tweed to low-lying agricultural areas near to the river from Tweedbank to Floors Castle. Flooding is expected in Annay Road in Melrose and there is a risk of flooding to Melrose Garden Centre.

”In Peebles, there is a risk of flooding to low-lying areas near to the River Tweed. Properties at risk include Whitestone Park, the Peebles Swimming Pool area, Tweed Avenue and the Walker’s Haugh area.

Sonia's Bistro in Hawick, moments before the collapse.

“Water levels in the River Teviot are rising as a result of heavy rainfall. There is a risk of flooding from the River Teviot to low-lying agricultural areas near to the river as well as Riverside Caravan Park and properties in Denholm.

“Water levels in the River Jed are rising as a result of heavy rain. There is a risk of flooding from the River Jed to low-lying agricultural areas near to the river from Chesters to Howden Burn including Mossburnford.

“In Jedburgh, flooding along the Pleasance downstream of Bridge Street and the fire station is expected, and there is a risk of flooding within Bankend Industrial Estate.

“There is a risk of flooding to low lying land and properties near to the River Lyne. Flooding of the caravan park and properties in Romannobridge is possible. Standing water on the B7059 at Halmyre Mains may lead to difficult driving conditions.

“In Peebles, risk areas include Crossburn Caravan Park, March Street Lane, Cuddyside and Biggiesknowe.

“At Newcastleton, river levels are rising on the Liddel Water as a result of heavy rain. There is a risk of flooding to low-lying properties and playfields in Newcastleton from Kershopefoot to Sandholm. There is also a risk of the drainage system backing up which may impact on South Hermitage Street.

”There is a risk of flooding from the River Teviot to low-lying agricultural areas near to the river from Monteviot House to Springwood Park at Kelso.

“An updated flood warning has been issued for Hawick. Water levels on the River Teviot are rising as a result of heavy rain. Extensive flooding is expected, including properties in Mansfield Road, Commercial Road, Albert Road, Victoria Road, Buccleugh Road, Sandbed, Millport, Teviot Road, Teviot Crescent, Dovecote Street, Laidlaw Terrace and Duke Street. Many Roads will be impassable.

Flooding on the old road between Selkirk and Galashiels at Sunderland Hall.

“An updated warning has also been issued for Drumelzier to Dawyck. Properties are at risk within an area including Rachan Mill, Rachan Home Farm, Place Farm and Drumelzier Place. Extensive flooding of the access roads at Rachan Home Farm and Drumelzier Place is likely. Standing water on roads, including the B712, may lead to difficult driving conditions.

“An updated flood alert has been issued for Scottish Borders. There has been heavy and persistent rain overnight into Sunday in this area, giving a risk of flooding from rivers and surface water during Sunday.

“Impacts may include flooding from rivers and small watercourses to low-lying properties, land and roads.

“Urban areas, along with roads and other impermeable surfaces, are at risk from surface water flooding, with difficult driving conditions possible.”

Nigel Goody, the agency’s duty flood mnager, added: “Overnight and across today, Storm Ciara has continued to batter Scotland with a dangerous combination of high tides, high storm surge and high inshore waves across coastal areas.

“Whilst we’ve seen some powerful sprays, it’s important that people recognise the significant risks, avoid crashing waves and follow the advice of emergency services and local councils.

“As well as coastal impacts, we’ve seen heavy rainfall across the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

“We’re seeing widespread minor river flooding impacts with significant impacts in a few areas. Avoid driving or walking through flood waters.

“Even as the worst of the rainfall clears eastwards, rivers may continue to rise for several hours as they respond to the rainfall upstream.

“Whilst we’re seeing an improving flood risk situation as rainfall turns to sleet and snow, people should continue to check the latest weather and travel information from the Met Office, Police Scotland and partner agencies.”

Advice and information is available via 0345 9881188 or online at sepa.org.uk/floodingsignup

Hawick recycling centre is closed today, at least initially, due to the flood risk posed to Mansfield Road.

By the early hours of today, up to 60mm had fallen in some parts of the region.

A yellow weather warning for high winds remains in force, with gusts of 60mph already recorded.

An amber weather warning issued last night has now expired, but yellow weather warnings for wind and snow are valid from midnight tonight until noon on Tuesday.

Scottish Borders Council’s emergency planning centre has been operational from 11pm last night, with staff from a range of services monitoring and responding to heavy rain.

Due to concerns about potential property flooding in Hawick, preparations were made for the opening of a rest centre in the town, but as the Teviot peaked twice below the critical level it was not required.

Flooding in low-lying areas of Jedburgh resulted in the closure of subways and also impacted on Tweed Green in Peebles.

Some streets in Newcastleton were also affected by flooding.

The A699 at Springwood Park in Kelso has been closed due to flooding and, as the river is unlikely to peak there until at least 4pm, it is likely to remain closed overnight.

Flooding in Hawick last night has left a building on the brink of collapse.

Building control officers have been assessing the damage caused to the Bridge House Guest House at Sandbed and it was evacuated this morning after the latest deluge left cracks across its structure.

Now it’s feared it is only be a matter of time before it gives way to the elements.

Members of the town’s voluntary flood group were out and about for 11 hours sandbagging the areas most at risk.